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People should be able to be healthy and find ways to empower themselves from many things. I’ve heard and seen many people being depressed or even stressed out because of many things such as work, school, traffic, parents, relationships, pregnancy, health problems, and many other things. In this generation many people in the internet make some sarcastic suicide jokes or “Memes”(A ‘meme‘ is a vi-rally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea). Most of these “memes” are just funny images or videos used to entertain people and make them laugh. However I think that some of these “memes” can really sum up our generation especially the younger people as sometimes really depressed and stressed. Considering some people around are stressed with school or other problems like getting a job while at high school, getting pregnant and facing many challenges, working on our grades to potentially go to college, and many other reasons, I decided to share my knowledge on many topics like stress,  sleep,  relationships, teen pregnancy, nutrition, and possibly other topics related to health. I will probably share some perspectives from people who I know and probably peers that I may not know of and possibly help a lot of people in my community with this health page. What is “Health”?- It can describe how our bodies are currently. It is a state in which you feel good physical and emotionally, in addition spiritual, mental, and social. It is near the absence of being sick. Social Health: Ability to form satisfying personal relationships with each other. Ability to adapt to social stimulation. Mental Health: Academic skills, learning, problem solving, productivity, use of your brain and memory. Physical Health: Health of the muscles, bones, organs, physical fitness and movement absences of addiction and having sleep habits. Spiritual Health: Faith, values, beliefs, principles, goals, and morals. Emotional Health: The ability to feel secure. Having self esteem. Being able to control emotions. Values: What is important, what defines you, and what we believe. These are the 5 dimensions of Health.