Mystery Taco Truck

Zoraide, Contributor

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February 14th, 2019

  The food in the  mystery taco truck by vazquez is to drool over your mouth gets watery as soon as you smell the food. The taco truck is best known for their tacos and their meat quesadillas. But they also make burritos and other foods. The taco stop is by a motel that is pretty messed up on the outside and is full of holes in the ground its by I-70 so it’s pretty loud with all the cars passing by. After all that the food makes up for it all. The food at this food truck is so amazing the service is great they make you feel welcomed and make sure they got your order right. If i could compare them to other taco food stops or shops i would say they are way better than gallitos. They get your food as fast as possible not like Gallitos they take their time and is made fast and with no care. I got tacos de asada, an asada quesadilla and my girlfriend got tacos de asada as well. We both enjoyed our food and didn’t have any surprises after eating. It was too cold to eat there but we came home and ate. We have a thing to pick on our food because we have had bad experiences so we pick at our food we were trying to find something to pick at but there wasn’t anything to pick at so that was a relief for us. They also have different flavored salsas with a different spice to each one. Which is good for people who like spicy salsa and for people who don’t really like spicy, it adds flavor instead of spice. I will be returning soon and i really enjoyed eating their food. If more people knew about this taco truck it would be full all the time, more people should visit, and if you’re looking for a good savory delicious taco i would recommend this mystery taco truck down vazquez.