Mr. Heo’s Legacy at ACHS

Emmanuel, Contributor

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For nearly all my life, I was always lost, confused, and disoriented in my writing like a lost castaway. Then I met Mr. Heo a teacher who threw me my first lifeline.

Mr. Heo was a teacher who teached English at Adams City High School. He had a fair skin tone, he was tall , and also happened to be of asian-american nationality. He teached english to Freshman all the way to to Seniors. Mr. Heo happened to make learning an engaging and entertaining experience. This was something that really made him stand out in comparison to my other teachers.

Mr. Heo was a creative teacher who was passionate about writing and often times encouraged us to think outside of the box when it came to writing. He enjoyed hearing new ideas from us and often times would give us feedback on our ideas and with that feedback he helped us to also expand our ideas even more. The way his classroom was set up really helped create a relaxed environment where each and everyone of our ideas could be expressed in thorough and thoughtful way.  

Mr. Heo always appeared to have a smile on his face no matter what day of the week it was. His smile was as wide as a soccer field. This always made him open and welcome to his students. This was a good thing because often times I had many questions to ask him about my writing. His class for the most part seemed fairly easy until we started reading a novel called “Lord of the Flies” and at that point I got to understand why his class had the “honors’’ title attached to it. I was able to push through and barely keep up with the others during that particular period of reading the book and once we finished reading the book I thought we were done but next thing you know Mr. Heo says “Class, I expect each and everyone of you to write an essay that connects the different themes of the book in an argumentative way.” As soon as I heard that I felt scared as well as stressed out. So the next day, I started off having a bad day as I continued to stress about what I was going to write about in my English class. Next thing you know, It was 7th period and at that point I was done with Adams City being Adams City and I just wanted to go home but I had to figure out my essay’s claim. I had an idea which involved the society of the children in the Lord of the Flies as well as the society of the adults but I just didn’t know how to connect them to come up with a claim, so I asked Mr. Heo for advice. “Mr. Heo how can I use this idea of the society of the adults in real life as well as this other idea of the children from the “Lord of the Flies” creating their own society in my writing?.” He thought thoroughly and deeply about my question for a while and then he answered me “Well you can explain in your writing how one society was able to influence the other one in a meaningful way”. With his response he was able to give me an idea of what my essay was going to be about or in other words he helped me come up with my claim and soon after that I got sense of how my essay was going to be written. This were as if his words had just given me the wisdom I needed as well as the guidance I so much desired.

Next thing you know, the essay was due and I had barely made the deadline. I felt pretty confident about my work because I knew that I gave it my all. The grades came in and next thing you know, my eyes glowed brighter than a maglite because my essay had received an A-. My hard work had paid off and I know that this was only possible thanks to Mr. Heo and I am still grateful for the help I received that day because through his advice that day, I was able to learn how to connect different ideas to make a strong and detailed claim every time I write.