Teen Suicide; An ACHS In-Depth Exclusive

Beatriz, Contributor

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The scene was hard to find words for, she looked at me and I looked at her, we laughed. Then the atmosphere died and we went to talking about the topic we wish we wouldn’t want to talk about. Old memories resurfaced just like an old film playing in our heads, wanting to be heard and surface again.

“We are here again,” I told her with a warm but forced smile.

“Yeah,” she said with a small voice

We tried to let words flow but just the thought of reliving the old and traumatic memories were enough to make our lips sealed shut without thinking.

Briana was someone that you would expect to be of been someone that goes through depression, suicide, and bipolar disorder. Teen suicide is something that everyone should be aware of, meaning that people should be careful about their words and actions seeing as they have consequences. It would all add up to the fact that precisely teens around the globe have gone or are going through a “phase” as many adults would like to say, but actually a mental health that can affect the everyday life when we least expect it.

Suicide is leading third place in the cause of deaths in 15-24 year olds. Research done by the National Institute of Mental Health has found that: “There are 25 attempted suicides to one completed suicide – with the ratio even higher in youth.”

In the Mayo Clinic had said, “The warning call attention to the fact that children, teenagers and youth adults under age 25 might have an increase have an increase in suicidal thoughts or behavior when taking antidepressants, especially in the first few weeks after starting or when the dose is changed.”

Briana’s first impression would be a chill and calm person to be with, but do not let appearances and an act fool you. When getting to know her to get to know her story and her decision making road.

Many think that her being someone that ditches and does bad stuff, she is a troubled kid and a trouble maker, but they could not be any right. The thing is that they do not know is she is very intelligent and has a Honors Algebra class. Like most say “You can not judge intelligence by grades.” Her grades could be something that some would not be proud of but to her, she would most of times will try but just give up.

When asked about her story her response was pain and simple, “It is complicated”. Getting to know her you found out that her smile is not something she hold for long and what her eyes are trying to tell. If you notice close enough and start to wonder her long sleeves from time to time and maybe take a look, you can maybe, just maybe notice faint scars. She might sometimes hide them or just leave them exposed but most of the time she would hide seeing as they might be in bad conditions.

Her main reasoning behind her four attempts of suicide is, “I struggle from bipolar disorder.” With her efforts of trying to stop it, most of the time it does not always go good for her or her health. When it does not go for self harm she would go to the clouds trying to escape it all. She in all has the tough love she has been in the system in juvenil, making her a “bad kid”, without trying to understand or know her struggles. But there are times when it’s her own decisions are the ones that get her where she is right now

Recently when asked if she had done it is year she answers with yes not once, but twice; her arms can be looked and they would visible to look at them. Her reason as to why she did they was that it was because she was depressed and stuff a home; the difference time periods of those two times she did it was four to five weeks. She would try to hide herself from her loved ones when she would feel down.

When talking to an expect in suicide her response was quite astonishing, so without an further ado, I present Diana Chavez.

Diana Chavez or Ms. Chavez is someone that hears about suicide or anyone that goes through something hard in or out of school. She works with Community Reach Center that works with the school with this cases. The way she works with teen suicide, is by asking questions with her clients and feeling if something is wrong with them. The questions she would ask would be, “Have you been thinking about suicide or about harming yourself?” She would start with a safety plan with them in the beginning and start to learn about them. Her thoughts about teen suicide at the beginning when she started were scary because she did not know what she what to do or what was going to happen. “Building that relationship and having that trust with them.” Ms. Chavez said is important to have with them. So far in Adams City High School there has been only been three to five of students weekly that have thought about suicide, and the difference of between called parents this year and last year is about three student difference less this year. Of those in Ms. Chavez’s case which are about  thirty there are three to five that have attempted. Her thoughts on what might be the main causes of suicide would be bullying, trauma, and home life. Time went fast for Ms. Chavez her time and dedication here is something that will always be appreciated.

No matter what someone’s action and words say we can never know what goes in their lives. Ms.Chavez said, “Everyone makes mistakes, including myself.” Through this discovery we can say that even if we can not see what happens to others the best we can do is try to be there for them and give them your best smile. We alone can make a difference by listening and giving a warm smile to others to brighten their day, but if it gets worse please visit a nurse or a trusted adult, people are willing to help and fight aside with you in this.