Freedom Writers; More Than Just A Good Movie to Watch

Esteysi, Contributor

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The movie Freedom Writers is an inspiring movie, the purpose of the movie is to teach lessons for living a quality life .It was released on January 5 2007. Directed by Richard LaGravenese some of the characters that act in the movie are Hilary swank ,Patrick Dempsey and Jason Finn.Depending on what movies your into for some people the movie can be boring and for others it can be a great movie and make you realize that many things that you don’t really pay attention to.

The movie basically is about a dedicated teacher that teaches in Los Angeles in a school with a class of at risk teenagers that are incapable to learn .Unlike other teachers she did not give up instead she helped them get interested more on their education and planning for their future .She encouraged them to keep a journal and write about their lives and she got to understand and know them better.In my opinion I really like the movie because it makes me emotional because it’s sad but the reality about how some people treat you different just because of the way you look .You should watch the people you hang with but at the end it’s just you by yourself .It makes me think that you need to help the ones that helped you but also focus on yourself.

The movie is a a great movie to inspire someone because it shows the reality .It shows that because the way you look and the place you live in is the way you are .We the people that go to Adams City High School can relate to the movie in a way because the school is not doing so good and got told from the state that we don’t have much time to turn around our school and make it better.In six years, six different principles according to the article Chalkbeat ,a student from Adams City High School junior Genavee said “”Our environment is what you make it “”and I would agree with him because our school if what you make out of it a lot of people say that our school is going nowhere but it depends on the teachers and students and the effort they use to get to where they want .

I recommend everyone if they have not seen the movie Freedom writers to watch it.Its a good movie they talk about real problems in life like racism school and life .If you are someone who likes inspiring movies than you would most likely like Freedom Writer