All About Lashes; Full Glam

Jennifer, Contributor

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The review i’m doing is beauty, being specific with it i’m doing eyelashes. Eyelashes are the best part of the whole make up in my opinion because it just gives you that cute look and makes your eyes appear big and beautiful. There are so many types of eyelashes you can go for, depending how you want to look. If you want that full glam and be extra and just wear exaggerating ones, and just show them beauty’s off. Also theirs eyelashes where there small and simple but still looking really cute. It all just depends what you’re feeling. My personal favorite i buy are the 3-D lashes there’s baby love, xoxo,1,000, My favorite with a full pretty glam look i wear the doll lashes  it’s called sandy lashes. Those are the best for a full glam look i love them . When You want something simple i would recommend the Ariel doll lashes they’re cute and something simple. When you wear them a lot and the glue is all over the lash, what i recommend you to do is put your lashes in a water cup of water and leave it over night and the next day the water is gonna be dirty, you’re gonna take the lashes and with a spooly brush you’re just gonna comb the lash and take out the glue carefully even tho it’ll be easy because it would be loose because of the water. And once its done  and you brushed it it’s all done and you let it dry, Lashes are hard to take off if you pull it the lash can rip out and you wouldn’t want that. There’s so many good things about lashes a lot of girls love lashes because it’s the best there cute and it just makes you look even better and have a glam look. Some bad things about the eyelashes is when you put them on and they bother you or something just pokes you, then you would have to take them out and check what was poking you or just rearrange them. They can literally be perfect to wear them in parties but also i don’t suggest to wear them when you’re emotional because they will fall out. So there’s a lot of strengths they can help your real eyelashes . There’s also an option on getting eyelashes extensions, i’ve  seen reviews on you tube where some they get lucky and go to the right place and get them and they turn out so pretty. But there’s reviews where i seen that have bad luck where the eyelash gets stuck to your real ones and then the more you grabbed them the more swollen your eyes would get and burn. I want to try it but then ever since i seen them bad ones it makes me think twice because  i don’t wanna lose my real eyelashes if something does ever happen .