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Separation of Families at the Border

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Separation of Families at the Border

Kevin B., Contributor

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The way the world handles immigration in my opinion is very inhuman and how separating little kids from their parents only because they are illegal in a country they run off to give their kids a better much safer environment to live. Most people don’t realize that any immigrant no matter from where he or she is from they leave to have a better life or find somewhere much better to start a new life including their kids.

So when kids are being separated from their parents when trying to cross the border its the worst thing anyone can put a parent through is taking their own child away. Children as young as 5 years young have all been separated from their parents because of Trump’s zero tolerance at the border which means that there will be no “new ‘zero-tolerance’ policy” for attempted illegal entry into the U.S., and illegal entry itself. Back then if a parent crossed over with his child he would not be separated from his family instead they would be prosecuted together and stay together the whole time but now with the new zero tolerance policy they are separated because now that every adult must be prosecuted, per order of Sessions and the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. government has quite suddenly found itself needing to care for more than 2,000 children who cannot go through the penal system themselves.

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