People of ACHS: Kevin Clark

Haley Barela, Contributor

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Adams City High School has many students who are well-known with not only their peers, teachers, administration; but in the community as well. One of the most acquainted students at Adams City is Kevin Clark. Kevin Clark is in his senior year, he is senior class president, and is involved in several clubs and extracurricular activities. Getting to know Kevin in a personal and public way is one way to insight the school with our community.

Kevin Clark is involved with several programs in school Student Council, National Honors Society, Upward Bound, INSPIRE, Adams City Band, Spirit Club, and Talent Search. Outside of school he enjoys playing the piano and making music. Before Kevin even ran for Senior Class president, he was already highly involved. He attended board meetings, rallies, worked with staff, administration, students. Becoming President of his class, gave him more of a platform to help his community. Kevin aspires to earn his masters in international affairs and become a US diplomat. Kevin hopes to be accepted to Columbia or Georgetown for his upcoming college career. He has worked extremely hard throughout high school to earn high grades and apply to scholarships. Kevin wants to give back to his community; the community that helped raise him. “I don’t want to succeed, but feel like I was part of the minority. I don’t have much time left at the school, but if I can make even one students life better, then everything’s been worth it.” Kevin simply wants to make his community a better place for everyone. He wants to make a difference. “I want to pave the way for more students to get involved. Whether it’d be a sport, club, or organization, getting involved can really have an impact on how enjoyable school can be. I hope that by getting more students engaged we can shift the culture at the high school and pave the way for more students to continue the fight.” Kevin Clark has gained inspiration from all around. “Too many people to count. My teachers, my advisors in talent search, upward bound, INSPIRE, etc. My parents inspire me to never stop working hard, and my friends and girlfriend inspire me to put in all of my effort.”

Forming good relationships with teachers is something most students do. Kevin Clark’s teachers have all had wonderful things to say. They speak of his dedicated work ethic, passion towards topics, and how devoted he is to his education. How he wants to improve his environment, for himself and others. How caring Kevin is, and open.

Not only is Kevin adored by his teachers, his peers admire him as well. Many students throughout the school simply just know who Kevin Clark is. But what do the people who really know him have to say? Students at Adams City have used words like, kind, open, honest and advocate, to describe Kevin. Students see his role that he’s played in the community and are proud that Kevin is their voice. When they see the name “Kevin Clark” in a headline, students know that they’re being heard. Kevin speaks up for students in the school. He is a leader, an advocate, and a role model.

One of the many activities Kevin Clark is involved in is INSPIRE. As many of us know, the INSPIRE program was not renewed for the school year of 2018-2019. But due to INSPIRE’s astonishing leader, Jesse Ramirez, several students are still involved. Jesse has many wonderful things to say about Kevin. “Kevin’s potential is limitless.” he says. “One of the things I love about him is his drive to dream big and more importantly his willing to put in the work to make those big dreams come true.” This statement shows just how much Kevin radiates his passion for everything he does. This is why Jesse believes Kevin is well-known in the school, “He has earned the power of respect from his fellow students, teachers, administration and the community.” By taking a stance on hard-hitting local topics, Kevin has gained such said respect.

“He honors the words he speaks he backs up with action. People know he  is going to be their voice, he is going to fight when things aren’t right and he will take time to listen to people’s feelings and concerns. I also believe he is authentic in his love for his school and community.” Kevin’s passionate impact on the school, has gotten him a considerable amount of respect and attention.

How could one student make such a heavy impact? Years of advocacy, leadership and influence. Kevin has played a role in a countless number of peoples lives. Students, teachers, friends, everyone who knows Kevin, or at least of him, has a positive thing to say. Kevin wants all readers to know, “Don’t give up. Find your passions and pursue them. Feedback is always appreciated and people can always text me on Facebook, my door is open.” Our community at Adams City High School is charmed to have such a wonderful person as an advocate for us. Kevin is sure to do even greater things for not only our community, but for others too. We are all very thrilled to see what accomplishments Kevin Clark will make.