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Shooting Threats, Protests, and More at Home And Nationally Rock The U.S.

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         February 14, 2018 Students of Parkland High School left for school not thinking that they would witness the worst school shootings since Columbine High in Colorado. School Shootings; everyone has heard of them and many fear them especially in high school. There are threats made and more often than none there are times where students bring weapons to school. Adams City High School has gone through the fear of being attacked by an armed peer. There has been several Online threats upon me and my peers and the people of Commerce City and the country are scared to send their kids to school after the attack that has taken place in Florida. ACHS Staff and Security has taken multiple steps to make sure that Adams City High School is safer so there is nothing to threat, but the fear is still there in the community. Mr. Todd a 10th grade history teacher stated, “ You have to take it seriously because you never know when (the threats being made) are real.” Many teachers although not scared are indeed taking every threat made to their students and staff seriously no matter how outrageous the claims may be. Mr. Todd goes on to state, “The (teachers) are handling (the threats) the best we can. We’re here to educate and not be security guards.” The teachers believe in the security at Adams City High School. But many also believe that there is a second line of defence against incidents such as a fight or even a school shooting. Mrs. Heroux a 10th and 11th grade science teacher goes onto state, “ We know our students and we have relationships with our students and we understand most of our kids will not be acting out and (attacking the school)” The teachers at Adams City High School believe that the best way to prevent incidents as though in Florida is through the students mind and heart. Connecting with the students is just as important as teaching them and should very well be a priority as educating them. The current Superintendent of Adams 14 School District also believes the school is safe an put out a statement stating, “ we have taken several proactive steps to really support our children and check any early warning signs of potential danger. […] We also rely on the over 400 caring educators who work with students every day. So many students turn to teachers when they need help dealing with tough life situations.“ (February 20, 2018). The students have also reacted to the incidents here at ACHS and at Florida by organizing a walkout in which they took 17 seconds of silence for every fallen victim of the Florida Massacre and promoted that together the student mass can prevent anything like this from ever happening at Adams City High School.

Adams City High School although safe is, but one of dozens of schools outraged by the attack in Florida and many of the communities are scared for their lives and to send their kids to school every day. The New York Times went onto state in an interview,”’You don’t want to scare them,” Dr. Key said. “But when you talk about these things, you must also say there is a real world out there.’ … ‘Needless to say, I am freaking out,” wrote one parent on Facebook.‘”[4]. Some parents in communities all over the country are so scared to send their kids to school that if they hear of a threat they will not allow their child to go to school and miss valuable class time. This can hurt districts, students, and teachers so in response to the threats and fear in the country and communities many students have stood up, banding in arms all across the country against School gun violence in unofficial “walkouts” and even taking part in the national “School Walkout Day” to protest and make people hear there voice to prevent anything like the massacre in Florida from ever happening again.

The debate on attack prevention in schools has had a very opinionated argument and has been taking place even before the massacre in Florida. Protests have taken place against school violence since the early 2000’s after the Columbine massacre that took place in Jefferson County, Colorado. A 16 year old according to The Denver Post stated, “you don’t have a right to kill someone’”[1] The Denver Post also went onto state, “Separated from the protesters by a metal barricade, about 40 teens who attended the gun-control rally inside stared down the protesters.”[1] Protests against school shootings and promotion of gun control although nothing new the argument for it is still the same. The students want more  basic elements for gun control to the outreaching of an complete ban of firearms all together in the United States. Ben Sholar age 17 stated to The New York Times, “‘ … I just don’t understand why we need military-grade weapons in our arsenal.’”[2]. Although there has been protests and progressive activists such as Ben that have taking action for so long for reform there has been little progress regarding gun control or gun reform in the country, And I wanted to know why is that? Well Jareth Brown an 18 year old student may have the answer to that question. Brown goes onto state to The New York Times, “‘To me it was a demonstration of a lot of our students here trying to represent that they believe they can make a change — but a lot of them don’t know what that change is yet. To me they aren’t quite ready and they don’t know where to start.’”[2]. The passion for reform is strong and raging in the country today, but the protests are a raging wildfire that is waiting for a course of direction. Change is possible and it may take strifle and it may take heartache, but we the students will prevail as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” [3]. If we strive and we unify for a common goal, something small, just to start and expand our horizons I believe us the people can band together here at home, at ACHS, and across the country to liberate and obtain justice for all those killed mercilessly by School gun violence.