Drop Out

José Ga.

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Many kids drop out each year 1.2 million students in the united states drop out every year in the United states alone. They all have their reason to do it. Whether its for a good or bad reason, They are just kids doing them. Francisco is one of those many kids that decided to drop out “I did not really like school.” Francisco tried his hardest to do good in school, he did the usual things students do to get their grades up but he realized to himself what was all that for. “ You have to go to school for a very long time. I did not want to do that. All those high school years you have to attend are not worth it, at least that is what i think. I wanted to work and not be in school even if the job was harder than attending school. I think that education is not the key to success. There are several ways that you can be successful without attending school,” Francisco was a very bright kid. He would be social and talk to alot of people in school. His favorite part of school was lunch.” I liked lunch even if it was not a subject. We just got a free break you know what i mean. Plus i disliked my other classes. My favorite class would probably be french. I mean i would actually learn something interesting that i liked in that class. Part of the reason well mostly the biggest reason i left school was my classes. I think when people are put into classes that they dont like they tend to not try in school. Well that is me at least.” Francisco said that he does not really care about what people say about him “I am ready for the action” He says he is going to be successful no matter what. “ I’m just going to chill and do me, doing my own thing. Not worrying about what anybody says about me. People should just worry more about themselves then about somebody else’s life deadass,” Francisco always wanted his life to the fullest “ I know things in life are hard, and i will need an education if i want to become super successful. But i will live my life and do big things without an “education” that is just me. And you will see that i will be doing good without school in a few years. I will not care if a lawyer is making more money than me because i am also going to work hard for my money. Dont judge me. Hes earning money good. I am earning money good. Everybody goes for different things in life and you are damn right i am not going to go to school because that is my decision. If you like it good and if you do not then i don’t care really,” He also said that school is out of control. “ I know that schools have rules but forreal teachers treat High schoolers like little kids. I am cool on all that to be honest. Some teachers act like if they are our parents. And honestly i don’t like that. That is why i have parents i do not need any other person treating me like if i was their dog. I think the school system can improve in many ways. But there is not much that can be done. There are no regrets to this. Like i said I am doing my thing, you do your own thing too. I am happy with whatever i do either way man. I will take whichever decisions i want. It is my life,” Francisco is 16 right now looking forward to big things in the future. Of course without school. Nicole another student at Adams City also thought of dropping out but she decided to just stay in school until she thinks it is time. Nicole is a very good student , but there is that one thing in everybody that brings them down. “Lack of motivation. I did not feel like doing things in school. My grades were falling and i really let myself down. I tried to get my grades up but it was a hard process. I tried my hardest but my grades would not cut it. At this rate i just did not feel like even trying. It was hard. She although thought that the school environment was not right. “I mean it is alright but there i way too many kids. I know it is school but I just do not really like being a bevy of loud kids. It frustrates me,” Vibes is also something Nicole mentioned. “The kids vibes are sometimes very negative too. And it is not hard to notice because it is right there! You can not see it physically but if you know what i mean then you get me. It just felt like i did not really belong here. But i mean i had to keep on going no matter what and i am still here trying to graduate. People might say things about me just because i am behind on my grades but that is the problem.Too much negativity is always around by several individuals. Like why can’t we just support each other instead of bringing each other down.” She said that without all the negativity in school, that the place my lighten up a bit. “imagine the school was a place where no-one brought each other down. Imagine how cool that would be. Since i was younger let’s say kindergarten, i have always wanted to be a cop or something that involves crime. That changed though and now i want to be a psychologist. And yeah i know The journey to achieve my dream of getting that job will be hard, but with enough self motivation i will achieve it. And when i do i will look back to the same thoughts that i had in highschool of leaving school. It will be all worth it that is all i could say,” These two individuals have one thing in common they both attended the same school and are looking for success. It does not matter if one goes to school and the other does not. Their actions will do all the talking.