Thomas Deaguero Feature

Mindy, Contributor

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“I like to be that guy that stuck around forever” said Thomas Deaguero.

Thomas Deaguero is a commonly known person both at Adams City High School and in the Adams County. Thomas Deaguero started off teaching in the year of 1983 for his community youth club, and to this year he still continues to serve his community but now as the assistant principal of Adams City High School. For thirty-five years, Deaguero has been a mentor to young kids and teens as a teacher, coach, and now an assistant principal.

When asked “Why do you think you have chosen to stick with Adams City High School despite all the criticism that our school and city gets?”, Deaguero replied “It’s my home. I raised my kids here and I think that they came out to be good people.” When you think of Adams City High School or Adams County, many times it does not have a great reputation, yet Mr. Deaguero believes that it has great diversity and great qualities. “The best thing are the students and the families.They’re resilient and strong, they’re very challenging and I believe that they are able to accomplish anything. And the worst, I would say that it is unfairly unrepresented in society. Like a past coach once told me “we have the tendency to live down”” was Deaguero’s response to the both the best and worst qualities of Adams City High School.

In the past, Thomas Deaguero has been a fellow teacher and coach to the students on the wrestling team, but part take in this year’s school year, he became part of ACHS administration as the assistant principal. Deaguero gives two reasons for this change in roles. One being the new opportunity of a higher position and the second being his idea that the wrestling team has come to a new phase, “I think that they have come to a new phase, there’s a new energy with new coaches and I think that they are in good hands”.

As for the impact that Deaguero has made on the school and the community, he believes that he has left a stable, competitive wrestling program, that has been in the top 10 national championship for the last 20-30 years. “I am proud of the alumni that are now working and serving the community, like Duran. Im proud that they have become coaches and community leaders.” Yet, the impact that Adams City High School has has on Deaguero was the strong community itself, “This is the community I raised my kids in and Im proud. This community is made from hard work and adverse members with strong morals.”

“What do you think is the legacy that you feel you have left on Adams City High School?” is a question I asked Deaguero. In return he replied, “A legacy, I don’t really know. I just hope that athletes can accomplish great things and that they come back and do things for their communities. I think we pass on the values and morals.”

Commerce City is not a city with a high reputation for kids. Deaguero explains that a past coach once told him “An average kid from the commerce will lay over and die for you when they believe in you!”. Deaguero says that a kid from Commerce City differs from a kid in another city because of his/her loyalty and trust, they have no limits.

Thomas Deaguero is a man who has come back continuously over the years and served his community. Anyone that knows Deaguero, knows that he is a man of great morals with hopes of success for anyone one of his students and kids.