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Do you need College to be Successful?

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Do you need College to be Successful?

Daniel J., Contributor

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Do you Need College to be Successful ?

65.9 % of americans go to college after high school according to  https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/pay-for-college/college-costs/college-costs-faq. Many people have mixed opinions in whether ifr college is necessary to be successful as everyone has their own opinion and reasoning to support  their opinion. In reality the answer is simple college is not necessary to be successful as many people go through life without going to college and turn out fine. People in Adams City also believe college is not necessary. Even if college isn’t necessary it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it as it can open new possibilities and expand the amount of jobs someone could receive, but just because it is helpful it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to be successful. As there are many options that could replace college. Fernando Chavez a sophomore at Adams City High School seems to think the same as he was asked weather is college necessary to be successful and he said “no” as there are other options such as “ trade school “ there are many trade schools out there such as Lincoln Tech and Tulsa Welding School that can replace college as it is also an education after high school and also helps open new opportunities for different jobs. Which is one reason why college is not necessary to be successful. Isaac Cervantes a sophomore at Adams City High school believes the same. As he does not believe college is necessary to be successful in the future as he has relatives that did not attend college and live life the same as someone who would of attended a college. He believes that there are different jobs that can be pursued without going to college such as construction, but there are still even more options such as taking online classes since they are much cheaper than going into a college which costs thousands of dollars to attend and doesn’t guarantee you will get a good job after getting thousand of dollars in debt. Overall you are the only one that decides how you want to live your life and what you want to do with it although people may believe college is necessary to be successful. There are more options out there that do not require thousand of dollars to be wasted. Such as trade school, online classes, or just finding a job after high school. Overall all of this options can lead and pave a path to success in life. Although the word success is a different meaning to different people.

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