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Body Image In Today’s World.

Kamberli, Contributor

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Body Image

She stood there stooping over the toilet, it became normal for her to be there after every meal. She knew it was wrong but there wasn’t a day that reaching the perfect body didn’t cross her mind.

‘’ It was physically and mentally draining, but I knew that if I didn’t get rid of the food I ate I would’ve gained weight and I really wanted to feel attractive by reaching the ideal body. My Instagram was full of beautiful girls with a thin waist and perfect face.’’ This 20 year old’s experience is one of millions out in the world. According to The Bind , Steven Hinshaw one in four girls will encounter a clinical diagnosis of depression, cutting, eating disorders and numerous other mental/emotional disorders. In today’s modern society it is common to see both girls and women stress over the ideal body. With social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat , and Youtube there has been pressure to resemble those celebrities and models that make themselves look impeccable. This has caused a wave distortion on body image within young women. They are wanting to change themselves for a post on social media with a depiction of a body that is not real. Women are expected to resemble a perfect body and face with no wrinkles, acne, cellulite, or ‘flaws’.  On the daily females are judging themselves because of the unsatisfactory details of their sculpture this is the result of the advertisements that promote a tall thin body. The National Report on self esteem conclude that 98% of young women feel pressured to look and be a different way. They feel this way due to the immense influence from the media that portray women drastically different from what reality actually is. Although most girls will experience negative perceptions of themselves that does not imply that it is okay to ignore this problem, they are not responsible for feeling the urge to change because of society’s expectations.  A 16 year old student from Adams City High School discloses over what she believes has been a revolutionary impact on young girls in modern times,’ ’You see all these models like the Victoria Secret ones and they’re so thin and it makes you realize damn we have to live up to their standards but then again you know there is also plus size models that try to make a bigger body more acceptable except they are not relatable either because they just have a big butt, big chest, and a small waist.’’ When the student mentions this comment she says it in an angry tone because she believes people don’t realize what a real body looks like and the struggles on always keeping a positive outlook on one self. This student ,who prefers remaining anonymous , was asked how does the way you view yourself affect what you wear and eat ?  She sighed for a few seconds and answered ‘’ Well I see all this cute clothes and I buy it me thinking it’s going to look the same as the model and it doesn’t and it just makes me feel even more insecure. I try going on a diet but its really difficult because there are so many temptations but at the same time I want to look good in all these clothes and not struggle with choosing an outfit everyday.’’ A study recently done by Common Sense Media releases that 80% of 10 year old girls have been on a diet and at age 8 they start. This girl is an example of this study because she feels that she always felt out of place since she was little. ‘’ I feel like I was way too big and the other girls so small so I felt insecure about everything. I had to make sure I looked good because I was afraid they would make comments about me. I know this sounds weird but I was traumatized by the word’ fat’ because I knew I was fat so like every time I heard it I felt nervous, also when I had to say like when we were reading a book.’’ All these events occurred when she was just in elementary school and even to this day she is still insecure. Numerous young girls have come out about how since they were in their early years of school all the other girls looked different than them. Especially because some developed earlier than others so the girls that had a more mature body were being made fun of. There was not one interviewee who felt confident about themselves all the time . All of them have confessed to having thoughts on changing the way they look because of the pressure they feel from the media. Mayra Munoz said that the one thing that has influenced her the most in terms of body image is,  ’’Well I don’t always have a positive view on myself so it does really affect what I choose to do sometimes or who I talk to because of how confident  I feel at the moment.’’ Body image and confidence balance each other out so when there is a lacking factor of one of them just like what Mayra said there are times when it is going to affect social life. She also explains where some of the negative perspectives on body image emerge from.

‘’ Mostly like social media and what people view as beautiful and acceptable.’’ She explains that since everybody is on it whole world is influenced somehow.  Social media has expanded and taken over people’s lives as if that is what they live for. Such as Instagram where the more followers you get the more attractive you are , as a result people go out of their way to take perfect photos of themselves. Examples are the Kardashians or top models that promote a certain body type. One of the girls mentioned while being asked what their ideal body would be and she said,’’ I would want a slim face, small arms shoulders and just slim body overall , but at the same time I want to be curvy. ‘’ She wasn’t the only one who revealed that a curvy body would be ideal but all of the girls actually. Due to the sensitivity of the topic some asked to be on record anonymously,’’ Why wouldn’t a voluptuous body be the perfect body ? On Facebook you scroll down and almost every boy shares a photo of a girl with a huge butt and breasts. It’s a trend in which being ‘’thick ‘’ is super attractive and every girl wants to be like that, so they try to gain weight in certain areas but like that’s impossible since all those models with that look most likely got surgery.’’ Many of the young women dealing with body image issues aspire to be a certain way, but what is being advertised is not real. Due to all these standards women have developed disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. In fact there has been at least one instance where throwing up had crossed some of their minds. Studies show that many young girls feel this urge because it’s an easy and fast way to do it. Other problems that unfold because of a negative body image is depression. The first girl to be interviewed confessed that she wouldn’t even go out because she was afraid to be judged. ‘’I felt afraid to be outside because I had such a low self esteem.’’ She said that this even led her to start cutting but decided to not go in depth with that subject.

The truth is that body image is a real problem and needs to be more talked about. Many young people don’t realize that everybody is impacted by the media and the expectations of what one is supposed to look like . Every girl has revealed that they do feel pressure to be a certain way and that they are not completely satisfied with themselves.  The media has a created an unrealistic standard that shouldn’t be reached so when you see that girl that might be perceived as perfect she might also be the girl who stoops over the toilet to embody that ‘’perfection’’.