Jobs benefit Teenagers

Jazmin B., contributor

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    Most teens have a job after school; some because they want to, whereas others have to. On the other hand, it is important for teens to have a job. It helps prepare them for the real world and responsibility. For example, most teenagers still go to school and have manage their time with work. At ACHS most teenagers have part-time jobs.

     Andrea Zermeno Hernandez is a junior at ACHS,that manage her time with a part-time job, plays tennis after school and has homework most of the time. “ In order to manage my time between school and a job I used an agenda to keep track of all of my homework. I make sure i do the most complicated homework when I have time and then after work I have enough time to do homework that it’s easy. I always make sure that the days I’m available i can work and sometimes my boss is alright with me doing homework as long as I did work too.” Andrea says. Every student has a different reasons of why they wanted a part-time job. Andrea states “ I wanted a part time job because I wanted to become responsible and learn more about what it is to work for your own things.” While Jose Cortez states” I needed something to do so i wouldn’t be home all day.” Jobs are significant for teens because it help prepare them for the real world and greater responsibilities. By this I mean that young people are the future and they have to be adapted to working and making a living. Therefore, when they are prepared for the real world and responsibilities, teenagers will have good jobs they can keep in the future.

     For example, a teen might want to purchase items their parent’s are not willing to pay for. Not only being able to acquire your own things, but you will also be able to save money in an account.In transition, it is important for teens to have a job to buy items their parents’ are not willing to pay for. For instance, some teens will not have to annoy their parent’ into buying new shoes. They have their money that they have earned and can use it to buy the shoes. However, teens will by no means try to mess up something they bought with their own money. If it is from someone else’s money, it would affect them less.  “I didn’t have money to spend and had to ask for money and That i can help my parents and i would have money to spend on me also to get a car,” Odalys Lara says. Student started working when they how the age to apply for a job. People apply to jobs within 15 or 16 years old. Working at a young age is sometimes difficult for the student while going to school. “it’s honestly hard to have a job at my age because its super time consuming. I have to manage my time between multiple activities from going to school, doing homework, eating, taking care of my siblings, playing tennis or soccer, exercising, hanging out with friends, and working adds up to that. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to hang out with friends and enjoy being a teenager before you’re off to college. Besides that sometimes it’s really hard to keep a relationship because you’re so busy you don’t have time to focus on the partner. Besides that you get more responsibilities that stress you out because it’s  hard to manage doing all of them and still keeping good grades,” Andrea says. Another student that has a job says the opposite of it “If you know how to manage your time and know what your doing i dont think its hard to have a job at 16,” José says. When this other student got her job she said it was kind of difficult for her but now that she got the hang of it it’s it’s not the heart anymore“When I first started i was 15 and a half and yes it was but now it is easy a and everything,” Odalys says.

     The teenagers at their job sometimes have some difficulties with some clients that go to jobs and sometimes have to find a solution to resolve the problem. “There was once a customer that asked me to gift wrap a gift since its one of the services we offered but I was alone because my manager had to do something. I also had to take care of the store making sure that nobody stole anything. It was very difficult because I had to wrap a lot of gifts and the store was very busy. So then I quickly wrap the gifts keeping an eye in everyone and making sure they found what they needed,” Andrea says. While the teenagers have to sacrifice themselves with job and school the job has a benefit for them like getting extra money for themselves and get a help their parents with some bills they need help with and getting to meet new people get along with coworkers and bosses and they could ask their bosses for a recommendation when they want another job. “Some of the benefits of having a part time job is that you are able to buy everything you want, you learn time management and you help out yours parents although it may not seem like it,” Andrea states.“I have extra money for me earned by me,” José says with a smile on his face.

       Obtain valuable work experiences, which are excellent for a resume. A lot of teens have a job after school. It is important for them to have one. They might want to purchase items their parents’ are not willing to pay for. Not only this, but teens will also be able to save a portion for later use. Whether it is chores or babysitting, we can all agree that teenagers will be better prepared for the real world and greater responsibilities.