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About Time For Change

Yulissa, Contributor

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15 victims in Littleton Colorado in 1999, 10 victims in Oregon in 2015, 17 victims in Florida 2018 and many more victims from school shootings from gun violence and poor school security.

Protecting students and staff at any school should always be first. Students think of how our security can improve by getting opinions from students at Adams City High School. A schools environment can always improve in so many ways and opinions from staff and students can make a change.

   Students at Adam City High School give opinions on how our school security can improve all of the time. One of the ideas proposed by the government was to arm teachers. Students at Adams City High School disagree with the president’s idea. One of those students is Michelle M. a sophomore at Adams City High School she says ‘‘ we should not arm teachers or have guns involved.’’ I agree with her because do they think arming staff or teacher will solve this problem of schools shootings it might help solve a problem faster but risking a staffs life is not safe. What do they want to come out of arming teacher? If anything this might give the teachers power and easier access to students or anyone trying to cause harm. These things should not be happening if a school security was better. An article by Mayvenn  ‘‘ Gun control advantages and disadvantages,’’ she says ‘‘ easy access to guns leads to more violent crimes.’’ I agree with her because a teacher’s purpose is to acquire knowledge to students and arming a teacher may feel like another job. A gun is very powerful and like Mayvenn a writer said “ It is therefore apparent that making it very difficult for people to have access to firearms will play a significant role in reducing violent crimes.’’ I agree with her statement because firearms are a big factor in causing crimes and if that changes it may benefit. I believe having better gun control laws would help out a lot because an idea of not just anybody can have a gun can make a change.

   Innocent victims were killed. How long until students will feel safe from a school shooting?