Anxiety and Depression in ACHS

Neriah, Contributor

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A shaky sigh left the Sophomore student, who was currently being yelled at by their Advisory teacher. Their eyes were glued to their desk, face practically the shade of a ripe apple. But this didn’t bother them.

They listened to their teacher as they were scolded, being called defiant and being told that a dean was on the way to their class.

This usually happened in Advisory, the student would be scolded without mercy by the teacher, who only thought of their anxiety as defiance and thinking that they are a troubled child.


Students throughout the school with illnesses like depression or anxiety all experience this at some point in their life, it usually happen when it’s triggered. Yet sometimes, it happens randomly. This sort of thing is called fight or flight. Adrenaline rushes through the person, and they have to choose to fight or run. And usually, in situations where it starts for no reason, they are left being called “defiant” and “troubled”. Although some people understand what they are going through, others don’t get what they are going through. The students think it’s cool to act this way, and staff think that they are being defiant and will try to scare them into behaving.


Thomas Adanaline, the school’s therapist, stated that letting the person know that we are there for them, and being open and caring helps people with things like depression and anxiety. And you can usually tell if they have things like this by watching their behavior. Usually, things like isolation and zoning out are some of the key things to anxiety and depression. They avoid things that used to be fun.