Theatre Under the Spotlight

Haley Barela, Contributor

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The lights, the stage, the crowd. All of these things are major aspects to an amazing theatre. All things Adams City High School has. Not many people know why they are called to the stage, they just know that they love it. Whether it’s the warmth of the lights, the feeling of interacting with a crowd, or all the stuff behind the scenes; theatre is a home to many here at ACHS.

We wanted to talk to some people and find out exactly how they feel within our theatre community at ACHS. This year in theatre we have had some not so pleasant changes. We also were able to hear about that. We interviewed 2 students that are well associated in the theatre at ACHS.

Miah McKinney was the first person we spoke to. Miah first heard about theatre, “When they brought my 8th grade class in like 1st semester to go see Bocon”. Miah was able to experience ACHS’s theatre at a middle school viewing of the production “Bocon”. She then knew that she wanted to be involved in her high school years. Her favorite aspect of theatre is, “I like the feeling of being on stage. I like everything about the whole rehearsing and yada yada yada. But, my favorite part is actually being on stage and hearing the crowds reactions and stuff. Getting to showcase what you’ve worked to create”. This is what really grabs her attention and what makes her thrive on stage.

Miah had some strong words to speak about this year’s theatre. “I don’t have many examples of previous directors but in my opinion last year was a lot better”. Miah played Sandy in last year’s production of Grease. “I don’t like the direction our troupe has gone this year”. She expresses how she likes that environment more than she does with this year’s production’s. “frankly I don’t think our director is that competent or good at her job.” Miah is not only afraid to be speaking her mind about this topic, she feels silenced by our director. Throughout the hardships of the past school year, Miah has this to say,“Even though I do not like a lot of the changes that have been made, I still enjoy doing theatre. If it means I have to put up with some stuff that I don’t really want to, I am still going to do it.” Miah wants to make theatre into her career. She states this, “I want to go to American Music and Dramatic Academy when I graduate high school so, go to New York and keep studying theatre”. Miah is extremely passionate about performing ever since a young age. “I’ve always loved performing, I remember being 4 years old and being at my grandpa’s church and going up on stage and repetitively singing the chorus of Breaking Free from High School Musical because I didn’t know the other words”.

Miah describes the theatre community with such enthusiasm. “I like the sense of companionship within theatre. Like most of the friendships I’ve made have been because of theatre.” she also says,  “The students that make up the community um, we are very connected. We all have a good chemistry, we all have a good friendship. Even if we don’t necessarily like everyone in there”.

Throughout all of the negative pieces lately, Miah is optimistic and turns the negativity into hope. “The students that make up the community um, we are very connected. We all have a good chemistry, we all have a good friendship. Even if we don’t necessarily like everyone in there”.

The other person that has been interviewed, is Everardo Zamora Junior. Junior recently was the lead in ACHS’s production of Aladdin Jr. He was in his Eagle Aires class and heard about Bocon. The following school year, he decided to join the musical Grease. Junior is a very talented singer, he was very excited to showcase is gift. “The fact that I get to do what I love. I love to sing and I can inquire it in the musical”.

A main point Junior made in his interview was his strong feelings about this years new theatre director. “I feel like, this director… she thinks she is at the level of Broadway when she is like less than meteocore”. He has expressed his feelings with much passion. This teacher was known to bring up her previous jobs and professions. “the reason she kept bringing up how she directed little kids because that’s where she belonged”. Junior used this year’s production of Aladdin Jr. as his prime example of her work. “the last week before the show she only wants one dress rehearsals”. This is very untraditional to do in theatre. Dress rehearsals typically start a week or two before the show. This upset many actors and tech who was participating in the show. This caused props to not make it on stage, costumes to malfunction, and injuries backstage during the actual performance.

Another thing Junior was very eager about was the theatre community. Specifically how it has changed. “The way its run.” Junior simply did not like the new environment the new theatre director has brought to our community.“ last year our theatre community was not only friends, but family” He speaks how she has changed the overall bond the theatre had created.“from building the set, laughing when someone messes up a line, laughing at a dumb joke someone made, or laughing for no reason. The way families actually are. This year was not like that” There is no longer these amazing vibes coming from the ACHS theatre. Many believe it is due to the change in directors. Junior still has hope for the troupe. We asked what was his favorite part about the theatre community, he said this with true sentiment. “Family. It’s something we’ve established here. It’s fallen a long way from last year but, we are slowly coming back from it”. Junior describes the community as such a magical place.  “It’s unique. Something you’ll find nowhere else. We all are one of a kind. We’ve had our really down lows and our really high ups”. The new director has discouraged this statement several times. “Some people may not agree. But, we used to come to the theatre after a stressful day at school. For me, recently I have had those days where I do not look forward to it. But, there are also those days where I do look forward to it because, I am not the one she is calling out all the time”. Junior doesn’t feel personally victimized by her actions often. He witnesses daily misconduct against other students. Just imagine how those ones feel.

Throughout ACHS’s newest hardships, all members have truly thrived on stage. They still managed to put on two wonderful productions this year. Although they might not be up to their true potential, the bond these students have made is truly one of a kind. They just wish their experience behind the scenes was just as amazing.