ACHS , the impact from students

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ACHS , the impact from students

Erica, journalist

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Is there an impact from tradition on students?


By Erica Servin


“Culture or civilization…is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society.” (Atafori).

Culture inside of the High School had lead to growing  numbers of participation as well as fundraising. As students here enjoy the traditions, old and new there are only a few that know why they really were created or if they really do still mean any value to the students and community. As the school’s progress has developed over the years traditions had subtly changed to fit into the culture of the new student body. Although this is not always the case.  Here in ACHS student participation hasn’t always been big, events such as the powder puff game, Peach Fuzz, the parade, the bonfire, sadies etc has been some of the events students love to see. As years progress Student council had created these events a bit better each time allowing for more interest in the students. “ I mean I care about some of them not all of them, it just depends on the person. The problem I think here in the school is there’s a lot of people that don’t pay much attention to them, but I think they’re good to have they have an impact on some students, not all of them.” Fernando cardenas states. Expanding further, there are some who just decide not to participate or are focused on other things rather than the traditional events. “Traditions, in my eyes have changed. I believe we have seen less pep rallies occur.” Eleazar Holguin is a junior and in his three years of highschool he believes theres very slight changes. It is already known that traditions play unique roles in the students’ life.

Tradition is history of their institution that provides meaning of building a community. Through the building of a community there are common values that are placed, bringing enthusiasm and pride as well. School traditions are what have made schools different from one another but also fairly similar. They are a way for students to feel connected along with the teaching and learning they gain from these bonds. Continuing with how the schools traditions impact us, Fernando Cardenas states “ the parade before homecoming, the school throws is a good way to show how we can do something for the community. That way a lot of people in the community can come see what the students do and then well the bbq before the football games is a great way for students and the neighborhood to get together. The spirit days that lead up to the assemblies are fun and everything.” Although he personally prefers not to participate he does see the impact these traditions bring. Another student named Lauren Martinez is involved in marching band and states how with football games if our team makes a touchdown they play the schools song and the cheerleaders dance to it. Traditions here are for everyone reaching different groups/bands of students. “Well wearing red isn’t a tradition for us but it does limit us from doing things for spirit days, which really makes me feel kind of down. I haven’t really noticed if there’s a change in these traditions depending on who’s in staff”. Lauren is also involved in spirit club where the main thing to do is spread school pride and leading up with these events we can recall days when class colors fill the hallways.

“Traditions are created by people being interested in them from what I’ve seen in the past 2 years, people are still obsessed with our school traditions, so yes they still serve a purpose”. Referring to pep rallies, Sadie’s always being a western theme, homecoming parade the bonfire, these traditions bring not only the community together but school rivals too. Seeing as students take much pride into the events shows the dedication from time and planning that it takes. In the community, everyone knows that the parade planned is done by students, they know the whole thing to look forward to is the cars, the marching band, the football team and cheerleaders, as well as the clubs and class floats. The whole basis of the traditions here in the school are what students look forward to, it’s what brings the experience and excitement.  As things go on within the schools culture some believe that school traditions are a very important way to proceed shaping student ideals.

Throughout the years student traditions have changed in the slightest ways to accommodate to the student needs. In the year of 2016, the bonfire was unable to occur due to outside events that prohibited the event. A student group has always arranged ways to meet with the fire department and community to get the bonfire this school year. Although the tradition of having it where it always has been, due to staff and changes it was moved to be here at the high school. It was easier to get to, and to participate as everyone knew the schools location. Now a days these traditions such as class colors, changing of the seats, homecoming events, Friday night lights, senior nights, bonfire, peach fuzz, powder puff, and our newest hopefully to become tradition, wish week. All these events showcase the student here in ACHS. from exciting to competitive, rewarding to plain bonding with friends and fellow students, ACHS has always been involved.

Classes here at the high school take much consideration of the traditions. They work to make new ones but not change old ones. As the students at ACHS consider it their school, students are devoted to participate and continue these traditions even after there are minor changes. In this current year we are being told that the homecoming events are going to be spread throughout the week rather than how it’s always been. “They can’t switch tradition like that, it will be losing the participation and plus money will be lost. No one will be going to those events when they’re not on the same day, it’s choosing between them and you lose a lot”, Senior Daisy Loya, who has been a leader, considering herself as part of the students who’ve ran the school due to lack of consistency, states on the apparent switch of tradition for next year.  Here culture and tradition are the same. Students consider them both as what makes the school, their school, continuing on tradition, Viri Varela states “tradition has always been big here, the events all mean something and there hasn’t been a time where I have seen them become less.”