Ryan Armentrout : Artist Spotlight


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Theater student Ryan Armentrout (Assistant stage manager)

Ryan is a 10th grader here at Adam city high school involved in our theater program Ryan has been in the program for 3 semesters already he started his ninth grade year when our school put on grease as the spring musical.

 How long have you been in the theater program?

This is my third semester, we started with Grease, we did fall of the house of usher, and now we’re doing Aladdin.”

Do you like the way the new teacher teaches or directs?

“To extent, I do like how she takes charge of everything. I do think there’s some butting heads going on, but I think it’s friendly because at the end of the day everything’s good.”

Is there any types of plays do you want to see the school to do?

“Yes there is, there’s been talk in our group that we want to see rent which is a famous musical and Heather’s.’’

So in your opinion which was the best musical/play that has been made?

 “I think grease was good because we had a great cast and director”

Was there anything you would like to change from the musicals or plays?

” I wish we had more time but like you cant add time to a school year but I did wish we had more time so we could have been prepared.”

Are you acting in any plays or doing or are you planning on doing it?

“In my acting class we are doing a piece called puzzle pieces and i’m going to be playing Troy, and then next year, there’s been talk of a fall musical a short one and i’ll be auditioning for that.”

There is a rumor that there is a ghost haunting the theater do you believe that is true?

“ah 100% I didn’t believe the rumors at first until we were working on Grease , we saw this bottle completely fall of a table , similar to that last semester , me and her were just walking around the theater and the doors started slamming and we saw shadows , but yeah there is definitely a ghost.”

Make sure to watch the spring musical Aladdin ! Dates to be announced!