Kim Kardashian Contour Sticks

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Kim Kardashian Contour Sticks

Jaqueline And Salma, Contributor

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There has been lots of controversy with the Kim Kardashian West Beauty Contour Sticks. Beauty Influencer Tati did a review/all day wear test on them and we got her opinion on the sticks.

To Start the review she says,” I was probably the only Beauty Guru who wasn’t invited to the launch party so I’ve never swatched,felt, or seen the products so your getting a true review” says Tati.   Kim Kardashian had been getting a lot of hate on the packaging which reminded people of a zip-lock bag and Tati said she actually liked the packaging. Then she Stated ” I love the color of the packaging”.

KKW had also been getting lots of backlash for the amount of product that’s in the stick Tati agreed with that, ” You really don’t get a lot of product. YOU REALLY DON’T. Which is kind of a draw back”.

Then Tati compared the amount of product to the Lancôme Contour stick ” Compared to a Lancôme Contour stick you really don’t get a lot of product. What were they thinking with that, that’s really disappointing”  Then compared the tips of the two and says that kims is a lot more precise ” It must be shaped that way so you don’t get a bunch of product on one spot and cause it to look muddy”

Then when talking about the shade she said that kims kit (Medium) is a lot lighter than most she used the Smash Box as a example,” The KKW Beauty is going to be more Natural, blend able and not as intense”

When she finally started to use the products she started on the cheeks and then did her lip ” I love this type of stick to contour the lip” The uses the highlight (no shimmer) under her eyes and uses the brush ” I just don’t like the brush im sorry, I just don’t like the brush”.

after blending it out she said ” That’s beautiful, might be one the best contours I’ve used” ‘ the way it blends out, by being lighter, is really different but I really like it, doesn’t look muddy”

After wearing it for the day she came back on came the next day and here is what she had to say about the product,” I do think they could of done a better job with the brush, the shimmer highlight was okay but looked better with a powder on top of it, highlight (no shimmer) did a really good job under the eyes, The sticks themselves are giving your face definition and a soft contour. I will keep using it, but they should of put more product and of course you are paying for the name because its a “Kim Kardashian” product.”

a lot of different Beauty Gurus agreed with Tati regarding the Contour sticks as well as the brush/sponge stick, lots of people loved the brush but hated the sponge because it was “hard” and “rough”.

The KKWB Sticks ranged for $48 dollars the whole kit, for the amount of product that was in the tube I don’t think that truly worth it and Beauty Gurus agree with that opinion. Tati did love her product and so did others.