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Insidious-The Last Key Movie Review

Kamberli, Contributor

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Elise Rainier-Lin Shaye

Specs-Leigh Whannell

Tucker-Angus Sampson

Ted Garza-Kirk Acevedo

Imogen Rainier-Caitlin Gerard

Melissa Rainier-Spencer Locke

Gerald Rainier-Josh Stewart

Audrey Rainier-Tessa Ferrer

Anna-Aleque Reid



Adam Robitel



Insidious-The Last Key premiered in theatres on January 5,2018 causing a wave of reactions.  Also known as Insidious Chapter 4 it is a prequel to the other movies that came out. The main character who is Elise Rainier is confronted with her past when she is called to investigate a haunting home which was the one she grew up in. Throughout the movie the audience are terrified due to some of the screen visuals , that includes gory images and pop ups. This production focuses more on the parapsychologist and why she came to be. The other movies follow up other people who are tormented of what is happening to them and seek out to Elise for her abilities of communicating/understanding the manifestations in the house.



My thoughts on the movie were yes I was terrified of some of the scenes but overall the film itself wasn’t crazy scary. The concepts presented such as child abuse and kidnapping of women were what made the overall presentation mysterious.  The storyline was intense but it added some comic relief by adding Specs and Tucker who follow Elise as her sidekicks. This Chapter of the Insidious saga wouldn’t be put at the top of the list for the most uncomfortable to watch, there has been other horror cinematic productions that had gone beyond the level of disturbing. Any age group can watch any movie of any genre but specifically for this movie teenagers and young adults are the most suitable due to the comedy and frightful events that take place



This movie definitely received drastic views due to the popularity of the other movies before it. Even though each of them differentiate from each other mostly all include the main character in order to stop the demons that manifest themselves to the families, her purpose in the movie is to be the savior which this serves as a foreshadow that she will do the same for the future films. I would recommend viewing the movie especially if you’re more into the light horror movies. The movie wouldn’t traumatize anyone but it definitely will be worth watching particularly because the characters Specs and Tucker add moments of laughter which takes away a big factor of boredom in most movies of terror.

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