Manchester Art Museum Wrong to Take Hyllas and Nymphs Down


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In the Manchester, the Manchester Art Museum recently took down a famous nude painting in one of their galleries. This piece was John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs a painting motivated by an ancient Greek myth. This happened in January and is, for the most part, an absolutely ludicrous event and has been met with accusations of Censorship, Puritanism, and political correctness.

It was meant to create a conversation about women in art. It was also met with intense backlash, it’s been said that the Times up and #MeToo movements have fed into the decision to take the painting down. It’s a simple painting honestly and the fact that it was a victim of this thinking is a shame. If this is bad then they might as well take down The creation of Adam as well, Adam is nude in it.

The story of Hylas and the Nymphs revolves around a man (Hylas) a member of Jason’s Argonauts who goes to fetch water for his camp after their boat wrecked, he finds a pond eventually and as he lifts his pitcher of water up, a group of Nymphs surrounds him, after that he isn’t seen again. Hinting of course that the Nymphs seduced him and perhaps drowned him.

The love for ancient Greek myths itself is endearing to me, as it’s my religion when there’s still the remembrance of the religion in these days it feels special. I never had a problem with Nude art anyways, even as a young kid, this particular painting is only nude from the waist up which sure isn’t that bad. Apparently, however, Waterhouse’s paintings leave people uncomfortable, to that, i say stop being so soft and grow a pair there’s no shame in natural body parts.