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5 Most Dramatic Reality Shows

Kamberli, Contributor

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1.It’s not hard to believe that Keeping Up With The Kardashians tops the list. The family is well known for their looks and their highly viewed show. Many will find it hard to believe how anyone can deal with so little amount of privacy. The reality stars expose everything that occurs in their lives from revealing secrets to their daily day routine. There are critics commenting on whether this is right or not. A fictional series is completely different from having cameras following you 24/7 to capture every second of your life especially if a child is part of it. But it is no surprise to why they would keep going if they make a whopping 10 million dollars per season.


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2. 90 day Fiance is a very peculiar show since the purpose of it is to have couples get married in 90 days but the interesting part is that each couple has an international mate that will receive the K-1 Visa if the marriage is complete in that time frame. Many have questioned the many aspects of the show since there are problems that go on that leave many angry. One of them is if the couples are actually interested each other romantically since some events that occur seem sketchy.  There has been instances where either one partner uses the other for citizenship or just want the money. Guess you have to tune in to know how it turns out.


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3. Skin Wars has gotten many views in the past since many viewers enjoy the creativity of the show. Every Season there are new contestants that compete for the prize of 100,000 dollars as well as a vast amount of paint. Basically the contestants are given a theme and have to portray a visual of their own ideas on other people’s bodies using body paint. 1 person is eliminated each week and the judges decide whether is is a masterpiece or just some basic painting. The reality show gathers a lot of positive reviews since some of the things that are done are really crazy.

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4.America’s Next Top Model has gotten a lot of attention recently due to the evolving mindset of how models should look like. Throughout time it seems as if models have gotten skinnier and taller. Nowadays its rare to see a larger model or even older one, in today’s society most of them are below 20 or slightly older than that but no more than 25. America Next Top Model has released the new season and it seems to give hope to today’s world as the models are very diverse from the basic onel. The age limit has increased as one 42 year old mom appears as well as as larger models including Ashley Graham being a judge who is a body activist and plus size model.

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5 . The X factor has been around for years and it is still going. Well Known judge Simon Cowell has appeared for the majority of the time. Apart from Simon’s hilarious comments we get to see celebrities evolution from the start such as Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction former members. It’s really interesting for the public to see the performers compete and which ones will succeed for a future career. Each eliminations take place and there has actually been controversy before over if some of the contestants are legit. Due to past contestant, Honey G many didn’t know whether she was a serious competitor on the show.

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