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Trade war between China and the US?

This week Trump imposed a 30% trade Tariff on Solar Panel imports, John Brinkley of Forbes Magazine says “The Tariff isn’t specifically targeted at China, but that’s where most imported solar panels come from.” also reporting that trump seems indifferent to the possibility of trade war, he says he doesn’t want one but also says “but if there is, there is” John also says it’s “in the context of the administrations considering a ‘big intellectual fine’ against China for requiring American companies that operate over there to transfer proprietary data to the Chinese government as a cost of doing business there.”

  According to Julia Horowitz on several american firms/industries at risk are Boeing civilian aircrafts, soybean producers, Apple, and Qualcomm and Intel” she says China has pushed back hard on trade such as when Obama imposed a 35% tariff on chinese tires in 2009, China then proceeded to impose penalties on U.S chicken parts and cars. This will also have negative effects on the solar industry according to the US Solar Industries association which says will result in the delay or cancellation of billions in solar investments, and a loss of 23,000 US jobs this year according to also reports that Brussels, Delhi, and Washington all allege that China has been “dumping” solar panels on the market, selling them at low prices to eliminate competition in rival markets.

 Dave Keating of also reports that SolarWorld Americas, the largest US solar panel manufacturer first called for tariffs 3 years ago, but other parts of the US solar industry have pleaded with the US to not follow Europe’s approach to the Solar panels. “While US and european Solar panel manufacturers have said the tariffs are necessary to level the playing field, solar installers, generators, and users say thanks to the tariffs, those manufacturers may not have any customers left.” this is due to increased prices on solar panels which while being sold initially by China at a low price are now being sold at a higher price.