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Aurora man gets 400 years after ongoing spree with the same gun used to kill wife


Aurora, Colorado

          September 11, 2016 James Draper, 33 went on a crime spree with the same gun he used to kill his wife. Draper carjacked & fired shots at police & innocent bystanders.


        “He allegedly carjacked a woman at gunpoint.” they said. The aurora police department went on a chase. Around 1:15pm the aurora police arrested Draper. The findings in the SUV consisted of narcotics, loaded firearms and more than $200 cash. The same gun Draper used during the crime spree was the same one he used to kill his wife.


Draper has received 96 years in prison for the murder of his wife and an additional 304 year sentence for the crime spree following the murder.




Non strict gun laws cause outrageous acts from felons. 


      September 11, 2016 James Draper was arrested for having a gun that could have related him to the murder of his wife. Mr.Draper received a 96 year sentence for the alleged murder of Ashley Draper.


     The aurora police had arrested him on the account that he had a gun and was shooting at innocent bystanders as well as aurora police. Draper had stolen a SUV from a woman at gunpoint.

At the time of his arrest police found loaded weapons, narcotics, and more than $200 cash.

     Draper has a past criminal record with some felonies. How did a felon get a hold of a gun? Gun control laws have gotten out of hand.

      Looking back at a few incidents that have happened while criminals have had guns in their possession, lives have been taken and family’s have been destroyed.

       James Holmes and the aurora century 21 theater shooting in 2015.Guns were found at his home and his car. Even after being declared mentally unstable.


    What Draper did was extremely dangerous. But would it have happened if we had more strict laws on guns?