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Opinion Piece on The  25 year old man who molested a 14 year old girl.


In the news report they talk about Zachary Myers(25) who had molested a 14 year old girl, on a hiking trail near her LakeWood house,blackmailed her, lied to her about his actual age and said he was 16 years old and not 25. The young girl believed him and continued to talk to him over the social media app they were using to talk.


I don’t understand why he would target a fourteen year old young girl, thats just absolutely disgusting, a twenty five year old “grown” man talking to a innocent little girl , I don’t think anyone understands why he would do such a thing, There wasn’t a motive to talk to her besides the fact that he’s a pervert.


This happened on October 15,2017

The teenage girl had deleted the app where they would talk through, Then he later realized that she had deleted it, which then he later re contacted her but his time sending her threats to kill himself if she refused to see him. Through all of this they had sent nude pictures of themselves to each other.


On the day that he assaulted her he had tracked her phone and was able to find her while she was out walking her dog on a trail near her home,  Zachary Myers had a background of blackmailing young girls,into sending him nude photos of them.


I don’t think that a man whos grown should of talked to this little girl, little own send her nude photos of himself and blackmail her into sending him some, i think it’s not only disgusting but really sad because why would he do such a thing? I wish he would tell the motive of blackmailing little girls like he did. He had to have a reason on why he did this.


He ended up getting 18 years to life in prison for Sexual assault.


I do think that his punishment is fair because he damaged a little girl’s life by doing what he did to her. Not only did he probably damage her life but probably even her family’s. I think he got what he deserves as far as punishment goes and him being in prison for that long.