Cherry Creek School District Fails to Protect their Students

Mindy, Contributor

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With its most recent incident, Brian Vazquez, an 8th grade social studies teacher, was arrested for multiple sexual offenses. Just until recently this issue has come into the light despite the various ignored reports from his many victims. Vazquez is now facing 31 criminal charges including child abuse and sexual exploitation. It was allegedly reported that assistant principal, Adrienne “A.J.” Maclntosh, failed to report these claims.

Now this isn’t the first time that these kind of reports occur from the Cherry Creek School District. During the 2017 spring semester, former high school teacher, Broderick Lundie, was charged with sexual assault involving a 10 year difference. Lundie allegedly exchanged nude images and had oral sex with a student after developing a romantic relationship through instagram.

Both these cases share the same problem. School teachers are taking advantage of their students due to their position of trust and authority. When it comes to addressing the issue, who is to blame? Is it the actual district or the person in trust themselves?

The fault is, in my opinion, falls on both the district and the person in trust. The district is in charge of hiring the individuals to positions of trust. They perform background checks and examine resumes. But if reports like so have been filed  continuously, why aren’t red flags going up and what is the district missing during this process? As for the person in trust, the fault is also on their backs. This is so because the person in charge has failed to do his job and rather abuse his authority. As an individual he should know what is right and what is wrong, yet he has failed with his opposing actions.