North and South Korea team up for Winter Olympics

Kamberli, Contributor

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News started to emerge that North and South Korea athletes will compete together for the Winter Olympics. South Korea fears that North Korea will pose as a threat when the military parade takes place. There has been several nuclear tensions between the two which makes the parade very dangerous according to the South since it’s also the 70th anniversary commemoration of the North Korea army. This means that the North Korean military will be heavily equipped with firearms. It has been recently reported that actually North Korea has been very inconsistent due to the latest news of cancellation of the joint cultural celebration. The North justifies their decision by implying that it was the result of the South Korean media.  But this doesn’t stop the parade and Kim Jong un’s plan to present militia. Many don’t know whether to support North and South’s decision to compete together in the Winter Olympics due to the North’s actions. North Korea has launched an illegal Nuclear Missile program making more tensions with the United States and Japan. Many young South Koreans actually believe that even if this event takes places and it symbolizes some kind of reunification they still don’t want to become one again. There are two sides to the upcoming games , either there is mutual warm feeling or people are opposing it even gathering 54000 signatures to prevent the merge. This is due to the fact that Kim’s regime has brought brutal enforcement and has threaten the world with illegal deadly weapons. There has been several reasons and actions that has pushed for concerns if this was the right decision according to the South. Many have had skeptics about why after so long the North has decided to make a peaceful gesture with the South. Both countries will walk together in the opening ceremony, many hope especially the elderly that this will lead to a consolidation between the two. There is an overwhelming amount of terror from the people because ever since the Cold War  both countries have evolved new way of life and ideology. It has been revealed that Kim Jung Un’s family dynasty more specially his grandfather had the goal of taking over the South too. All these dreadful thoughts have crossed some citizen’s minds making the games more intense for all the countries competing. The security of it all is the main concerns of everyone.

North Korea has been in the media very frequently . In September of 2017 there was mass chaos in Japan as the result of North Korea launching a missile over the country . This has provoked not just Japan to react but the United States too. Both countries are allies and have prepared themselves in case of a war. There has been drills on how to evacuate in case of an attack from North Korea. Since North Korea has all this history and more there are some skeptics from the people involved in the Olympics that there might be some missile launched. The leaders of the South have reassured that in case of threat against the North the United States will aid and if it is necessary wipe out the North Korean supreme leader. A number of people are looking forward and some are not due to not knowing exactly how things will turn out.The Winter Olympics will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the athletes from both countries will represent their countries as one flag which will be unified Korea.