Deadly Flu Strain Kills 8 Kids


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                                                                                      New Deadly Flu Strain Kills 8 Kids

January 6th, Emily Muth began showing signs of the flu.Three days later, the 6 year old experienced trouble breathing, the ambulance  her mother called for was sent back after the paramedic declared trouble breathing was common in flu symptoms. The child’s breath continued to slow, and the ambulance was called again. However they were too late and young Emily Muth died. Emily’s Mother says “ How could that even happen? I mean one day she’s fine, you know and I mean she had the fever and she was a little achy, other than that I mean, she had had the runny nose and cough like typical, you know, and then she’s gone. It’s horrible. I don’t wish this on anybody.”

Emily is just one of many victims of this new flu epidemic.17- year-old Jonah Smith also died, December 29. After being picked up from work by his sister, he collapsed in the back seat and Jonah’s heart stopped beating.  However, he did not show any flu like symptoms but was tested positive for influenza 1a and pneumonia. Jonah’s mom told Fox10 “ He didn’t look like he had a cold. He didn’t act sick, He was just Jonah, busy everywhere.”

According to the Department of Health, influenza almost always shows signs such as fever, sore throat, and body aches and takes at least four days to prevent symptoms. Although Flu season usually peaks in February, this new outbreak is said to be one of the worst on record. Physician’s encourage everyone to get their flu shots, claiming 85% of children dying from this flu are not vaccinated. According to the Washington post, health experts are concerned with the increase of people hospitalized with confirmed cases. Since October 1st about 6,500 were hospitalized and that number has doubled by January 6th.