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Kamberli, Contributor

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The participant is Cristal Urbina, she is a Le Bistro student at Adams City High School. She is currently enrolled in the baking program and has been asked to answer why and how has this class influence her academic success. She explains how it has affected her.



How do you feel about being in this class?

It is very exciting because baking is something I always enjoyed doing. Baking and cooking is something that I was always good at too.


Do you think you will pass this class?

Yes I think I’m going to pass it because when you really love something is much harder to fail it than to pass it. And a lot of the assignments are the actual baking so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll pass it.


Is it important for you to be in this class?

I think it is because it’s not just another math or science class like the usual, this is more creative and you get to experiment with flavors which is not wrong and that’s okay. Every time we do some time of baking I find it so interesting to see the different combinations that I can use.


Do you feel as if being part of the culinary arts program is a privilege?

Yes because not everyone learns how to bake or cook at this age. This class can basically teach you to be healthier and instead of buying some processed food that has been made you can save yourself from that and just make it yourself.


Do you see yourself in the future pursuing a career in Culinary Arts?

Honestly I don’t because yeah it’s something I enjoy but not to the point where I feel as if I should pursue something more than just a high school class.


What has been your favorite part about this class?

Making the actual stuff. Every time we learn something new I go home and try baking it for my family. Its actually very cool to see how store bought bread is so much different than the one you make at home which tastes way better. Overall I really enjoy it and would recommend for more people to take it.


So any last thoughts?

It’s just really relaxing to bake, I think that it has helped me with stress. I see taking a similar class to this one in the future.



It was great to talk to students in these type of programs. They really explain how the creative classes had provided them with more advantages. The interview will be an eye opener to many and realize why these classes are crucial and offer more than just some recipes but extraordinary skills too.

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