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Artist Spotlight: Monica Villalobos

Angelo, Contributor

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1.What’s your favorite color?


2.What’s your inspiration

     I want to make my parents proud

3.What’s the process you take to prepare to sing?

     I warm up my voice and shake the nerves away

4.Any specific songs you’re attached to

      I like all songs

5.Any artist you take inspiration from?


6.Do you like to sing a certain genre of song?



7.Do you write any of your own songs?

     Not yet but I will in the future


8.If you were to give advice on singing what would you say?

      Warm up your voice because it might be affected in your future. Because you will mess up your vocal cords

9.What’s your favorite song to sing?

      Firefly Darkness

10.When did you begin singing?

      Like uhm.. 4 years ago?