Artist Spotlight : FBLA’s Own Tyler Vue


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The Future business leaders of America AKA FBLA is a program offered around the United States is a program where students are given the opportunity to improve business skills and to prepare us for the future. It is one of many programs offered here at ACHS and I had the pleasure to get an interview with The FBLA treasurer, Tyler Vue. Tyler is a sophomore and has been in the FBLA program since his Freshman year. I asked him a few questions about this amazing program and this what he had to say.

What do you enjoy most about FBLA?

“I enjoy the fact that we can develop our business and leadership skills. I joined not knowing much but slowly began to grow my skills and it’s helpful.”

What are the Duties / Responsibilities?

“To prepare for our competitions, either they are group or individual you never want to go to a competition unprepared so that’s why we prepare months ahead. We practice to win.

Any Dislikes?

“Definitely the harsh judges. I don’t hate it, after all, it is their job but sometimes they are too critical and it sometimes feels bad and makes you feel like you haven’t worked as hard as you could have.”

What are some events that you can partake in? Which Do you do?

” There are so many events you can do. There is a way to many for me to name but if you’re having a hard time picking your events there is a quiz-like survey that helps you with picking your event. Last year I did a mock job interview, and if I’m gonna be honest about the reason I did it because I thought it be helpful to get a job one day and it was. it helped me with learning how the interview process goes?

Have you or anyone gone to State/Nationals?

“I went to State last year and it was a lot of fun, I am so excited for this year to return and hopefully make it to Nationals this year is a goal of mine.  As for Nationals, last year Josie MacDonald (who unfortunately does not attend Adams City High School anymore ) went to Nationals in California which was incredible because she is an outstanding FBLA Member. “

Is it all about competing or about having fun?

“It’s a mix of both. You go with the goal of getting 1st place in your event but you get to hang out with new people that you’ve never met. You get to build new friendships. You get to see all the diversity in FBLA and that is so great! It’s a win-win really! “

Do you ever regret joining FBLA?

“Not one Bit”

That wraps up my interview and a little bit of inside what goes on in our FBLA Program! Hopefully, you learned what is in the mind of an FBLA Member.