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Lying for the Story

In the article  “Lying For a Story”   it follows a journalist by the name of Robert Kalper when he goes undercover at the Infiltrate Three Mile Nuclear Power Plant and applied to be a plant worker and continued to get a job and investigated employment application process , weak security System , “Sexual antics” whilst on patrol , Civilians walking near the power plant during nighttime , and many more things supposedly wrong with the powerplant claimed by fellow / Former employes of the plant. In other word , He had gone undercover to lie about his identity and whose he was in order to get the full scoop on the plant  without even mentioning he was a journalist and risked going to jail or facing legal actions taken  against him for it t. He had laid out his actual name (which he blew his cover on the first day when he forgot to lie about his name and accidently gave them his real name instead of his false one) , set up cameras to “spy” on employees , and ended up working there for a few months getting to know exactly what happened in the powerplant. If i asked if i were to do what Robert , i would have immediately said no because it was way too risky. Spending possible jail time and / or felonies against or even lose my job to get a story is too risky to lose my career. Although many would say yes to the opportunity , i would have to say my answer is no i would note do this because it is a very unethical thing to do .

Suffer The Children

In the article “Suffer The Children” it talks about how Journalists use children to their own advantages in order to get a story in the sake of the child, more specifically how Journalist Jody (last name was not given) was accused of committing many serious crimes, attempting  public attention and the unhealthy well being of an innocent child.. They had sexually harassed children , forced children into fighting each other , and taking advantage of a child’s well being for a story. If this isn’t the most unethical thing possible , i really don’t know what is or if there is anything worse than taking advantage of  child who can’t defend itself or even fight back . No child should ever be taken advantage of no matter what the situation is even if it’s for a selfish reason such as a journalist’s story that isn’t worth a child’s traumatic experience . This is definitely not following the SPJ code of ethics and i definitely never ever even attempt to say yes to such an unheavenly thing such as tis it is disgusting and disturbing and honestly shouldn’t have happened in the first place. So obviously my answer is no i would not do this and i couldn’t even imagine anyone agreeing to this at all.)


Kiss and Tell

In the article “Kiss and Tell” , the journalist is exposing a mayor on his affair with his desk secretary. It talks about how the city council member reacted when the news broke out, the meeting they had because of the affair , the legal actions taken , and the affair in which never had consequences until the mayor gave his secretary a certain amount of money to be able to study abroad in Europe. In my opinion i would 100% would have gone out to expose the mayor on his unfaithful affair with his secretary. The story had exposed him for doing something so unfaithful and if i’m being quite honest deserved to be exposed because no matter what having an Affair is not ok at all