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As a journalist you should be getting in deep with your interviewee .  No i don’t mean getting to know the person in a deep level but at least to get to know a small thing about them and that is what i did. I didn’t ask them difficult questions that needed to get on a deep level. Just simply questions that required no thinking at all : Here is what they had to say


Patience : The Toughest thing about being a teenager  is the drama. Like when your’e a teenager there is a lot of drama , rumors , and everything you say can start Drama! It’s like if you say something about someone else that person will hate you and then everybody hates you. It sucks.

Maria: If i could change anything in the world is the hate for one another. Since there us a lot of people who talk badly of others,  you never know what that person is going through. You dont know how that can affect a person. If i want to fix this i need to become a better person myself , if i see people talking badly of someone i could be the person to fix that

Litzy: I would like to fix the way others see others like racism , discrimination and all tat and to not autmatically assume that because someone is a certain race that they are bad like how people can see somene with a mean face and automatically assume they are mean.  I would fix people’s perspective.

Samantha: The transition from being a kid to an adult is hard. You have to go get a job so you can get used to being without youtr parents but sstill being with them. It’s the constant struggle of you can d this and yu cant do that and tou have your own money to buy what you want but still manage to pay bills.