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Somebody Else The 1975

Kamberli, Contributor

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Tragic and distinct The 1975’s new song will make us reminiscence the heartbreak that takes over the body the moment you realize your ex lover has finally moved on. We all been there when the person you once loved become strangers at first we believe we’re fine until we feel affected when we see them get over the relationship that was once shared. The raw lyrics with the raw voice always provokes the replay button to be pushed. The song’s honesty will always bring us back and even to our ears it will not be something it can get tired of simply due to the fact that it makes us feel what the artist is experiencing. Their album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It , the second studio album, offers alternative sounds with The Sound, Love me, and Ugh have risen and taken popularity with risque lyrics and sounds. ‘’Somebody Else’’ is different from the rest of the album, it’s heartbreak in an honest tone.     

‘’ While you’re looking through your phone  And then leaving with somebody else No, I don’t want your body But I’m picturing your body with somebody else’’ This phrase hits home for many since it’s common to not want something but then again you don’t like the idea of it belonging to someone else. Matt Healy reveals how technology such as the phone part of the song has made distance in relationships, a sense of coldness too which is also referenced in the song’’ Our love has gone cold’’ right before he says the other remarks. The chills that his distinct voice give out tells a story that it’s so well told and adding the alternative background voices justs adds to the flavor of the song. Jealousy is well portrayed by the flaring band as Matty deepens the feeling of having to abandoned dead love that is is still gripping on.

The 1975 gives the song life but artistic points are all over the song as a whole. The production the of the music video confuses many as we’re trying to figure out what exactly is going on and it takes a couple of tries to realize the concept of self obsession. Matty succeeds at always giving a spectacular masterpiece to the fanbase and everyone in general. Somebody else as well as the majority of his songs are filled with poetic lyrics that hit us hard. Somebody else the music video and song  is a story coming to an ending. A Change of Heart as well as Robbers make an undirect appearance. In the background at the beginning a photograph of the music video of Robbers reveals how that once was the beginning of their love story and now it’s coming to an end. Everything from the the lyrics, videos, voice, sounds , and theme seems to be perfect. Something this band lacks is making more songs like Somebody Else, other songs similar to this tone are, Falling For You,Me , Medicine, If I Believe you and a few more but the majority are upbeat and fun.

The 1975 present what most of the people in the industry don’t. This is not just any Taylor Swift type of songs, yes they do talk about heartbreak but in the most honest beautiful way. They use their platform to talk about real problems and through their songs we can hear the sincerity of what Matt felt when experiencing his heartbreak.Almost anyone can listen to this song, the moment the song begins ‘’So I heard you found somebody else, and at first I thought it was a lie ‘’ it will hit you hard since we all have experienced abandonment by someone or something it’s very relatable which make us crave for more of the song.  Overall the song is very deep and poetic , The 1975 is perfect for anyone and I would definitely recommend hearing more of their songs and if you haven’t heard Somebody Else just take a listen!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bimd2nZirT4

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