Yourstruly forever album review

Salma, Contributor

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Phora’s ” Yours Truly Forever ” is an open book on his life struggles his clean , and understanding style of rapping over soulful beats and instrumentals gets you really feeling his music. The Californian pens a heartfelt love letter to his girlfriend titled ‘To The Moon’ and a more vulnerable, self reflecting song “God’ showing a more intimate side of hip pop you don’t see . But don’t get me wrong the man can spit bars. His song ‘Facts’ is full of truthful verses where he unleashes his talent over tough drumbeats.

His songs have helped thousands get through depression. And make life a little more worth living when they feel they have hit rock bottom.
Sinner, Pt.2 : talks about how we are all sinners. The overall message is that even though you see the physical aspect of sinning you almost never see the mental status and the pain the person might be in. his voice in the song is heartbreaking when you really vibe to this song you feel the hurt in his voice throughout the whole song.
To The Moon : Is a love song in which he is telling his girl everything he loves about her how her vibe what he really loves. He also talks about how his girlfriend never really loved anyone and how he has changed that.
Numb : this song is one that really hits home to some people. He talks about not feeling like himself. And how all he really needs is time and love. shows through his voice that he ha really been numb to his whole love/ life experience.

In my opinion Phora went all out when creating this album. I’m not just saying this because i love his music but because it’s the truth. He poured his heart out on this album and gave his fans amazing content.the fans got him to #1 on the iTunes charts. As far as live performances go he went on tour this summer and sold out almost every single venue. Not bad for a underground rapper.

I recommend anyone who is going through a hardship in their life to listen to him. His music makes you feel like you are not alone. He tells you you are not alone. I feel like anyone can listen to i not just teenagers. You can buy the album on his website the album is also available on spotify and iTunes.