Sorority Noise Band Review

Angelo, Contributor

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The members of Sorority Noise pictured above (From left to right: Charlie Singer, Cameron Boucher, Adam Ackerman, and Ryan McKenna) have made three albums, “Forgettable”, “Joy, Departed” and newest, “You’re not as ____ as you think”. Sorority Noise is a jack of all trades band in which they aren’t restraining themselves to a specific genre. They tend to stay in private when it comes to their lives and mostly only talk through their twitter account. The band, is extremely creative and while is very good, they aren’t perfect just like every other band or artist. Sorority Noise has had a rough history, having to replace two members. A loss is a loss but in turn, the remaining band members made two other lifelong friends. The new and old members both created the EP “It Kindly Stopped for Me” and the album “You’re not as ___ as you think” that were both general successes through other reviewers that mostly gave good to great reviews. The band makes a distinct type of music and almost no song sounds the same. Their varying musical style can be disliked by those who rather listen to single genres at a time but I digress. They are a decent, good band when it comes to making music considering their humble beginnings and rough patches, and in the end, they deserve about 3.4/5 gold star stickers.