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Rebelde Review

Moncada Maria

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The Mexican Telenovela that stole the heart from many of us. Rebelde was released October 4th 2004. The last episode was in June 2nd 2006. The novela had 3 seasons , 440 episodes in total.  Rebelde was a remake of the Argentine series “Rebelde Way”. However, the differences are clear to see, Rebelde took ideas from Rebelde Way but was far from different. Rebelde ended 11 years ago, however some of us still carry those amazing memories inside of us. Rebelde contained drama, sadness, love, music, happiness, but most of it was about being a rebel. Rebelde was created by Maria Eugenia Cervantes and directed by Luis Pardo. The six main characters , Mia Colucci  (Anahi), Roberta (Dulce Maria), Miguel ( Alfonso Herrera), Diego Bustamante ( Christopher Uckermann ) , Giovanni Mendez ( Christian Chavez ) and Lupita Fernandez(Maite  Perroni) . These six characters form a band called “RBD”. They also released 3 albums , Rebelde , Nuestro Amor and Celestial . The band was formed in October 30, 2008.     

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