13 Reasons Why review


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13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original show, it’s about a young girl named Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford. In the show Hannah takes her own life. About 2 weeks after her death one of her classmates and co- worker  Clay played by Dylan Minnette, who liked Hannah finds a box of tapes on his porch. The tapes were made by Hannah before she passed away. She has 13 different tapes and each tape is about a person, each person in those tapes are the reasons why she took her life. The story is told by Clay’s point of view. While Clay is listening to the tapes there are flashbacks that shows exactly what Hannah was talking about. Each of the tapes are every bad event that had happened to her. Her other classmates who were in the tapes were mad and upset that Hannah had made those tapes

   I think there should be age restrictions in this show because some parents might not want their kid to watch it because they do show someone taking their life and there are showing of sexual harassment and a lot of bullying, something’s that may be hard for younger viewers to watch. That may be why some parents were mad that their child was watching this show and why a lot of schools sent home letters warning parents about the show. A lot of letters sent home from school kind of over exaggerated to me it made the show seem way worse than it really was, yes there were some scenes that i wouldn’t watch again but the show wasn’t meant for really young kids anyways. It was meant for teenagers, it did show things that do happen in some teenage lives

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I also think the show should have been more like the book, the book is told in first person so it kind of seems like you are hearing  a conversation between Hannah and Clay but do have some interruptions from the outside world. In the show the focus is on Clay and the events are flashbacks told by hannah but there is a big web of people much bigger than hannah and clay. In the book Clay listens to all the tapes in one night, in the show it takes him forever to finish the tapes. There’s a lot of other things in the tv should be more like the book


I personally  don’t think they should bother with making a season two because the first season sums up most of what happens in the book. I am guessing the second season will end up being random and not relate to the book at all. On most sites that i looked at 13 reasons why was rated  a 8.1/10 or 9/10 personally i would rate it a 4/10. I don’t think the story was told well in the show and i think if you’re going to make a show based on a book you should make the show more like the book but i don’t think they did that at all