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Recycling is it even worth it?



Elizabeth Carroll, Television and music

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Recycling, you may think that you are doing the better thing  for the plant, but you’re not!

Recycling, it’s a waste of time, most things don’t really get recycled, and this is not helping

Earth at almost things just get turned into trash. Trash is not good for earth so not good for us

Humans. This is just a waste of time, and the workers effort. Recycling takes more from earth

And doesn’t give any good things back. This is not worth time and work, until we find out how

To fix this problem.

Recycling saves the city hundreds of dollars a year, recycling improves the soil, recycling reduces

Pollution, this are some things that people who want to kept recycling. They may say the cities need the

Extra money that recycling helps us kept it. The cities may need the money but to bad it’s killing the

Plant we live on.  Recycling may improve the soil but it’s not in the places where the plastics, class, and

Wrappers, are kept “safe” from the city.

Even though this is true from the facts you know about, but truly recycling is not as good as it seems.

Just to recycle paper it’s much more expensive, and bleaching is a process that it goes through.

Bleaching the paper is not healthy to earth. Plastic recycling is very complicated, some plastic does not

Recycle. When some plastics when recycled it puts bad chemicals into the air.

In April 2013 roughly 40 Million metric tons of e waste is produced globally each year. That is just too

Much not even half of that is recycled! This number has incensed very fast in the three years. Recycling

Plastics is dangerous for the air we breathe on this beautiful plant. This is not healthy for earth or living


Many people would think that recycling is doing the right thing but the truth is that the way its being

Recycled is not safe for humans, animals, or the earth. The way we’re recycling is a waste of time, and

Work for the people who sort it, and the people who come get it from your house. The system of

Recycling takes more from the earth by not saving the earth, it’s killing it!

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