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10 ways to survive second semester of high school

Second semester of high school.

Second semester of high school.

Elizabeth Carroll, Elizabeth Carroll

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1) The second semester of high school has most of the tests you need to take each year. All the tests are stressful, the cause of late night studying, and you just worry cuz the test i the last thing going to your grade. When taking a test you should be wearing the most comfortable shoes in your house. This is important because this does distract you in the middle of your test saying my feet hurt, or thinking that your feet way be blue. This feet problems gets your mind to think of other things and not what you need to remember. If you are  going to buy shoes go here for sales.  http://www.onlineshoes.com/Sale

2) Testing is a stressful thing every student must go through, no one likes it but you got to. If you have to you should at least listen to calm instrumental music to study with in the background, no words,and  no dancing. This gets the brain to stop going crazy and get all the ino you’re telling it. The music you pick to listen to while study is the key difference to passing or failing your class. Music is the key to happiness to teens so listen and do well on those tests.

3) The way you dress should not grap everyone’s attention. Your pants need to be loose ,long and ugly. You top should be a t-shirt with a jacket on so you can’t get cold. You should dress like this every day so your brain is calm and gets all info it can get each day you may not be testing every day but you need to have a “i’m taking a test on this” brain set in school. This is were i find good music for studying  http://www.mtv.com/music/

4) you need to eat a good size, healthy breakfast every day, unless you wake up and it’s lunch. You need to make sure that you not hungry at all but not to full. The food is going to get your mind ready to get its education on and learn every word you’re told that day. You really need to eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner any day you have school and or a test. Your body and brain don’t work as well with out good for your brain/body food each day. You should have a little snack with you to.

5) everyone has entertainment in there life if its tv, youtube, netflix, hulu, e.t.c there it is and you should not watch funny tv shows/movie before going to school, or before a test. This will cause your brain to think the movie/tv show and want to laugh. You should watch a tv show that explains some things that are going to be on your test, are in school so you can be the smart kid in school. You would be the one with the highest a in the class.  Here is a place to go i ou have no idea where to find good movies. https://123movies.is/

6) There are some great technology that can and is helping students learn, one of them is the teacher’s web pages. The web pages is a place where you can find all the work for the time you missed. This is very helpful for the teachers that don’t have time to print extra copies every day for kids who miss a day or two of school. The web pages that are created by teachers for school only are the best way to get the time to work on assignments at home.

7)  There are many computers in all schools that teachers can get to there students really easily. This is helpful so the students need to find the info they need on there own and get a taste of what life without someone living with them is like. Computers are helpful for students to have all their work in one spot, to not lose anything. Computers help there english, spelling, and grammar. Students are in need of electronics this day to age. There are many apps, devices, websites, that are really helpful for students.

8) Students need to focus in school, to learn what they need in life. Students would pay more attention in school if the teachers made it funny, fun, and had lot more active learning with the whole body. How can people think that students can sit in classrooms all day and remember everything each teacher said. That is crazy, students need more than a gym class they need actives wrapped around what they need to learn like history.

9) Notes are going to be the headache to students. Students can’t work with a head that is in pan, notes are taken way too serious by students. Notes are not helpful at all, students are not going to look at them ever again (if they even write them). Note are just a waste of time in the class, kids learn by speaking, acting, getting the blood to rush to the brain to remember the day.

10) Second semester of high school is the semester you do a lot of test is the emeer of stress. During the test the school should give teachers gum to give to the students to  let out all of the stress from the test. This helps students worry less and get the grade the desvie on the test. Gum would give the brain a way of thinking without panik. He brain can’t work with the thought of failing and then ailing your whole grade. Gum is useful and is needed in school.

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