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Why America Weren’t the Heroes of World War 2.

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating and left thousands of people dead thanks to the Japanese air force attack. Though people think the U.S. was the hero of World War 2 that is not the case. America has done messed up things to japan in the war.

Japan’s aggression was being fueled by the United States. In 1940, Japan and The U.S. were having a downfall with their relationship because America canceled their trade with each other and started making Japan angry.

Beginning in late-1940, the United States grew less patient with Japanese atrocities and began to restrict trade with the empire. So then on Dec 08, 1941, the U.S. declared war against japan.

Before Japan and The U.S. went to war with each other, The U.S and Japan were trading until Japan occupied Northern French Indochina and needed oil from the U.S. I think The U.S. should have just not been bothered by Japan occupying Northern French Indochina. Japan was angry and attacked Pearl Harbor in the morning on Dec 07, 1941.

The United States were making a device that deciphered Japan’s radio transmissions. But Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, leaving The U.S. shocked and surprised and with 3,000 killed, and in my opinion, that was a completely heartless thing to do. But America did something even way more heartless than japan and that is dropping two atomic bombs in japan. One was dropped on Hiroshima and the other one in Nagasaki after the bomb in Hiroshima was dropped.

America was working on a project called the “Manhattan Project”. President Roosevelt became aware of this by being warned by Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein. I was surprised that Albert Einstein played a role in the “Manhattan Project”. The Bombs cost nearly $2 billion dollars to produce. After the bombs were created, the U.S. airlines dropped it in Japan and ended WW2.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was horrible. If Japan hadn’t joined the axis powers, they could have avoided war with the U.S. and the atomic bombing and could have taken down Nazi Germany faster.

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