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The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby review.

The Boss Baby review.

The Boss Baby review.

Elizabeth Carroll

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The Boss Baby shows the love of brothers, and how it needs time to blossom, it shows the differences of  brothers love and sister’s love. The boss Baby describes how love needs time for the brothers to have each others back.  The Boss Baby is funny, is a movie you can watch two or three times before you are no longer laughing. The Boss Baby has laughter for all ages, is has some adult humor for the parents so they are not to board. The adventures the brothers go on was because they both tried so hard to leave each other, and ended up being each other’s best friend. Their adventures gave the Boss Baby a sense of imagination, and was finally living the life he wanted to live, just didn’t know it until he got what he was told what he wanted. This movie showed how kids no longer use their imagination to have fun outside. There is a group of babies that help the baby from animals from overrunning babies, this takes more work because the enemy is a baby that grew up and now hates the fact that they fired him with no questions. This adds more work cuz babies only stay boss babies if they have a magic milk serum, so they don’t  act like normal babies would and his milk was taken away. The ending was a little sad because the baby goes back to work and realizes that he loves the very brother that he once could not stand.

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