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Trump vs the media

Trump vs  the Media

Trump vs the Media

Trump vs the Media

Elizabeth Carroll

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I believe that the press/ media is just trying to get the truth about Trump, and the lies that Trump has been telling the media. The war that President Trump and the media is fighting about the many lies Trump can be telling. Trump was in a interview and was asked questions about sexual assault and he claimed that he would not do such thing ever but “Trump by several women who claim he sexually assaulted them for more than 23 minutes combined on Thursday night.” This just proves that Trump may have done something to the women and lied about that and could lie about what he says about other topics.

Trump believes that the media is telling lies, making things up, and is doing it to get rid of  Trump as the President of the United States of America. Trump yells to the media “Fake News!”. In my opinion i don’t think this helped or going to help Trump at all. Trump has been proven to have a lied a couple of times, here is proof of one time, “We had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban,” and that he had “the biggest electoral college win”. Trump did not have the biggest electoral college win. Trump has said “i would never mock a disability” but this lie can and has been proven a lie. Trump has lied to “his” people, has been rude beyond  an ok amount. Trump is very rude when it comes to money “silly poor people money is for the rich”- trump. Why is Trump are present if he is really rude to the people his job is to take care of”? This does not sound right. Why does Trump think that he is higher than the citizens of America? Donald Trump is not the type of person that America would want as Present.

There is proof that Donald Trump lies more then he tells the truth, “Trump lies so much that in 2015, Politifact awarded him the “Lie of the Year for numerous statements” he made, because the team couldn’t pick the most egregious lie. Out of 77 statements checked, 76 of them were found to be mostly false to false to pants on fire lies”. Donald Trump has lied his way into office of the present of the United States of America. A huge question that should be asked about Trump is “What does it mean that the man who tells the most lies is the most popular with the Republican base?”

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