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Transgender’s Challenge To Bathroom Policy

Mayra Munoz

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Transgender’s Challenge To Bathroom Policy

Transgender people don’t feel safe in either bathrooms and are having to go without them. Until they are allowed in the restroom that they identity as, they won’t be comfortable.

On February 22, 2017 president Trump rescinded protections for transgender students. This had previously allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with the gender they identified as. This all meaning that there is now a major setback for transgender rights advocates.

A Virginia boy, Gavin Grimm is being affected by this as no decision has been made whether he can or cannot use the boys’ bathroom at his high school. The issue will not return to the Supreme Court for a while. This leaves thousands of transgender students to wait even longer for a decision affirming their rights. Gavin Grimm had been forced to use a private bathroom which had been humiliating and had, “turned him into ‘a public spectacle’. They agreed the case should proceed, but suggested a brief delay to allow for the Trump administration to weigh in. Grimm now waits to see if the school will take steps to protect their students from discrimination, bullying or harassment, which is encouraged for all.

Many transgender kids, all around have been impacted by the decision of allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice of gender. Sometimes adults don’t agree, and sometimes other students feel threatened. Whatever the situation may be though, transgender people only wish to be accepted. “I’m not looking for a compromise. I’m looking for my right. I’m looking for the ability to live my life like every other one of my peers is able to do. I’m not unisex. I’m a boy.” Is what Gavin Grimm said after his arrangement of a unisex bathroom.

The repealing of the law for transgender bathrooms are affecting many different people. As this continues to  be ignored, they continue to feel powerless. At this point, what can be done?

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