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Criminal Minds Derek Morgan

In this article we get to know Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds played by Shemar Moore.

Cristal Urbina, Entertainment Contributor

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In the show Criminal Minds having played the character Derek Morgan by Shemar Moore as an Agent for 11 seasons, he gave the show humor, laughter, someone to relate to and much more. As the show kept going on from the first episode to the last for Derek we learn a lot from him. When he was just a little boy he lost his dad who was a cop. As a teenager he was being raped by his football coach. Because of this he was trouble. Even though this happened at a point of his life he still managed to get in the BAU and do what he loves. One of the best things we all love about Morgan is the way he speaks to Penelope Garcia who works with computers giving them information that they need. Here are some quotes,

.”Hey, mama, tell me something I don’t know.”

.”Hey Baby Girl.”

.”You are a goddess woman!”

.”It’s who you are, baby girl. You see the beauty in everything and everyone no matter where you go.”

Within these quotes we fall in love with Morgan as he has proved to us how sweet and kind a person should be. Not just that but he has taught us that even through the worst times of our lives, we should never give up.Even though he has left Criminal Minds he has started on other shows.

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