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Top Ten Sad Movies

Here are some sad movies that you should probably see. Prepare yourself when watching them because they will make you tear up.

Cristal Urbina, Review on Sad Movies

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Top 10 Saddest Movies

  1. “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”

Throughout World War II an 8 year old finds himself a friendship with a Jewish boy after his father moved close to a concentration camp. Even though there friendship is forbidden they still make there way to each other. Due to their different circumstances their friendship may just lead them sorrow.

2.”A Walk to Remember”

Two different people find themselves to be in love. Jaime Sullivan being the sweetheart. She’s pure and kind and doesn’t mind being judged. Landon Carter on the other half is the total opposite. He turns out to break the rules and have much fun causing him to get in trouble. These two high school seniors still manage to have found love going through things their dealing with.


When Taylor Hillridge got access to the internet it seemed as people really weren’t welcoming as they weren’t being friendly. Even though this didn’t bother Taylor in the beginning it later got worst and violent as it was hurting her mentally.

4.”Bridge to Terabithia”

When Jesse becomes best friends with Leslie they had their one world called Terabithia in which Jesse was King and Leslie was the Queen. Their imagination of adolescent was the beginning of their life until a ruler falls down. Until then nothings the same.

5.”Of Mice and Men”

In this movie two of the characters George Milton and Lennie Small manifest the real definition of a real friendship. These two men have been together for so long.Because Lennie has a mental disability and doesn’t remember anything George deals with him they move around a lot. You can say this isn’t a way to live.

6.”The Lion King”

The tragic death of Simba’s father has caused him to run away believing it was his fault. Because his uncle Scar envy Mufasa he was the cause of his death but made Simba take the blame. Scar taking over has made the land dry and lonely. The question is will Simba come back and try to save his land and the animals.

7.”Train to Busan”

A man and his daughter have been trapped in a speeding bus due to zombies attacking them. Even though their trapped this is the best safe place for now. Having other passengers makes difficult as there are all afraid and don’t know who have been bitten and who hasn’t but they are not willing to take a chance. The question is will they survive this.


Many of us have seen this movie but for those who haven’t this is a romantic drama movie in which it starts with a guy winning tickets to the Titanic. A rich woman living the dream doesn’t find herself to be in love with who she was with. Along came this poor man who changed her life completely. Feeling free and enjoying life with him has brought her so much joy.Because the Titanic hits an icebreaker it starts to fall apart while people are trying to survive when the weather is freezing.

9.”Brokeback Mountain”

Jake Twist and Ennis Del Mar are hired by a rancher as sheep herders. One night Jack being drunk makes a move on Ennis that later turns out for them to have an affair for over 20 years. Both men married to their wives with kids have to live in two lives as they cannot speak up due to bad timing.

10.”P.S I Love you”

When Holly’s husband Gerry dies from an illness he decides to leave her letters to help her with her grief and encourage her to find someone else. Holly losing the love of her life will take time for her to move on. Will she find someone?

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